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14 May 2024, 11:37

How Ukraine’s security agencies prepared ‘dirty bomb’ and what Radon Corporation has to do with it

Photo courtesy of Unsplash
Photo courtesy of Unsplash
MINSK, 14 May (BelTA) – The Ukrainian politician Andrei Derkach told BelTA’s YouTube project On Point [V Teme] that they are now evaluating reports about the involvement of Ukraine’s security agencies in the creation of “a dirty bomb”.
Andrei Derkach has previously explained how CIA representatives had used a group of Ukrainians led by Roman Chervinsky as a cover for acts of sabotage at the Nord Streams. Andrei Burgomistrenko was part of the group. He ran the Ukrainian enterprise Radon for a long time.

“What is Radon? It is six enterprises on the territory of Ukraine. It is kind of an industrial group, which is engaged in the management of radioactive waste. A monopolist. Including in the management of high-level waste,” Andrei Derkach explained. “Burgomistrenko is a specialist in this field. And we are checking information about efforts of Ukrainian security agencies to create a ‘dirty bomb’.”

The politician stressed that nuclear blackmail is normal for the leaders of Ukraine. “They did it both before the beginning of the special military operation and during the special military operation. We are going to present this information to make sure that our non-partners in the West could not deny hearing it later on. I just have one question: are they aware of it or are they participating in it and overseeing it from the point of view of escalation? It is actually a very important, serious question,” Andrei Derkach is convinced.
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