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14 May 2024, 10:42

How Biden family’s partners sponsored Ukrainian terrorism via Burisma Company

Andrei Derkach
Andrei Derkach
MINSK, 14 May (BelTA) – Partners of the U.S. President Joe Biden’s family have sponsored terrorism via Burisma Company by allocating money for operations of the Central Intelligence Office of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry among other things. The Ukrainian politician Andrei Derkach made the statement in an interview with BelTA’s YouTube project On Point [V Teme].
“We have traced virtually all the transactions of the funds through Burisma Company and the transfer of funds through Morgan Stanley to Rosemont Seneca Company. This is a company that is affiliated and owned by Biden's son. We have shown all the transactions. All these transactions are in the possession of the Congress and the United States Congress is actually using those documents to prove influence peddling,” Andrei Derkach said.

The criminal case concerning Burisma Company was being investigated actively under Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin [Ukraine’s Prosecutor General in 2014-2016]. The case was not closed until practically 2020, the politician noted. “And in a certain period of time the amount of the bribe was $50 million. We have it documented in reports of the prosecutors who were tracking this process. But $6 million in cash was handed over to law enforcement officials of Ukraine to shut down the investigation into the Burisma case. It was all documented. The person who was handing over these funds did it on camera. It was one of Burisma employees. Some lawyer named Kicha. All of Europe was looking at the biggest bribe of $6 million. That $6 million was seized and remained evidence until a certain period of time,” Andrei Derkach explained.

According to the politician, by a secret court order the money was handed over to a military unit of the Central Intelligence Office (GUR) of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry for the sake of carrying out terrorist activities. “After that the Nord Streams began to explode. After that Prilepin was attacked. Dugin’s daughter was killed. A series of terrorist attacks was unleashed. Top officers of security agencies of Ukraine such as Malyuk and Budanov do not hide the fact that they conduct activities using extra-budgetary cash. Therefore, the whole chain is traced and there is no doubt about it. Partners of the Biden family have sponsored terrorism and have avoided responsibility for corruption and money laundering in Ukraine’s territory,” Andrei Derkach stressed.

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