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14 November 2022, 15:34

Healthcare ministry: Belarus' COVID-19 situation is stable

MINSK, 14 November (BelTA) – The Healthcare Ministry of Belarus does not forecast any serious changes in the COVID-19 situation in the country, Belarusian Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich told the media after a ceremony to hand over China's humanitarian aid, two million doses of COVID-19 vaccine, to Belarus, BelTA has learned.

“The subservient currently spreading is quite mild. It does not lead to severe cases and a high level of hospitalization. So we do not predict any serious changes in the situation in this respect. I would like to emphasize: we do not predict any changes in the situation because we have a fairly strong immunological layer, associated primarily with routine vaccination, which we are satisfied with,” said Dmitry Pinevich.

As of today 70% of the population in Belarus has been vaccinated against COVID-19, and 60% has received booster shots. The minister added that this is an achievement, which lets calmly forecast the development of the epidemiological situation. He stressed that vaccination is the most effective preventive measure.

According to Dmitry Pinevich, at the beginning of the season there was some increase in morbidity, but it was fully predictable. “This rise is over, but we have to be prepared for any development. We are not predicting severe events, but we have to be fully prepared. The first thing is vaccination. The second one is the readiness of the outpatient and inpatient network on all fronts,” he said.

As for vaccination, the minister said that the availability of drugs in the country is monitored on a daily basis. “Every week we look at the remainder of all the vaccines. Our task is to provide a combination. Some people get the vector vaccine, some people get the inactivated vaccine. All vaccine points are provided with vaccines from different manufacturers,” he said.

China handed over another batch of humanitarian cargo to Belarus. The aid comprises two million doses of COVID-19 vaccine and the same number of syringes.

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