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12 October 2022, 15:51

Grodno residents picket against Poland's aggressive policy

GRODNO, 12 October (BelTA) - Several hundred residents of Grodno picketed at the Consulate General of Poland against that country's aggressive policy towards Belarus on 12 October, BelTA has learned.

"What we see is an honest peace-loving policy of Belarus and an aggressive dirty policy of Western countries, which is carried out, among other things, with the support and authorization of the United States of America. This makes us rally together. Our president has recently said: we are a peaceful people, but if necessary, we will stand up as a united front to defend our state. Today we have come here to draw the attention of people on the other side, to get them to hear us. The Belarusian people will never be the first to start hostilities. Our doctrine is defensive, and we will always stick to it," said Vladimir Kuvshinov, chairman of the Council of Veterans of Leninsky District of Grodno.

People who gathered at the Consulate General of Poland in Grodno, both young and elderly, carried the posters “Poles and Belarusians should not fight", "We are for peace", "Stop being a U.S. puppet", "Warsaw's policy is a threat to peace in the region".

"We have all gathered here in support of Belarus. For young people, this is very important. We hope for peace and a prosperous future in our country. The neighboring country is going in the opposite direction. We want to show that we are against such a policy," said picket participant Vladislav Kulbako.

"I felt I needed to come here as a citizen of the Republic of Belarus. Belarus is a peaceful country and Belarusians are peaceful people, as our anthem says. Unfortunately, Poland has been taking hostile steps on the border with Belarus. This is why we organize such pickets to convey this simple message to both the Polish people and their government: we are against aggression, against building fences between our countries, the death of animals, attempts to push back migrants to our territory. We, as true citizens, are obliged to be here," Oksana Kireychuk said.

"It is important that the Polish political elite understand that their phantom pains will lead them nowhere. We will not allow the sovereignty and independence of our country to be violated. We urge the Polish authorities to adequately assess the situation. We, Belarusians, want peaceful coexistence. This is the first thing we want to convey to the Polish government. However, in case of aggression, the entire Belarus, I am sure, will turn into Brest Fortress. Our people, our society is ready to defend the territorial integrity of our state. We do not claim someone else's territories. We don't need wars. The most important message to the Polish state is: stop the rhetoric and encroachment in the hope of returning to the borders of 1939 and depriving Belarusians of the right to independently determine the path of development of our state," said Igor Gedich, a senator of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus.

At the end of the picket the Grodno residents left a poster on the gates of the Consulate General reading "Poles and Belarusians should not fight."

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