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08 June 2024, 11:55

 Grodno hosts Festival of National Cultures 

 GRODNO, 8 June (BelTA) - Representatives of 36 ethnicities will show their traditions, art and cuisines at 19 national pavilions in the historical part of the city, BelTA has learned.

The Belarusian pavilion, the largest one at the festival, opened yesterday, 7 June. This year, the Belarusian pavilion spans two squares - Lenin Square and Tyzenhaus Square. All regions of Belarus are showcasing their art here. Every region has devised its original concert program and a special symbol of the festival, which embodies the image of the region against the background of a seven-flower flower that unites the entire festival family. For example, Grodno Oblast has a large panel in the style of vytinanka and patchwork, in the center of which is the logo of the festival. This year's international holiday is held under the sign of the family. So all regions will show their family traditions. For example, Grodno will invite guests to a traditional wedding ceremony. 

The hospitable Belarusian pavilion will also feature the programs by Belarusians living abroad. Artists of Belarusian national associations from Kaliningrad, Bryansk, Tomsk, and Riga came to the holiday in Grodno. They will show how they preserve and develop their culture outside their historical homeland.

All 19 national pavilions - Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Azerbaijani, Armenian and others - will be located in beautiful places along the well-groomed and decked-up streets of Grodno. 

The festival will officially open at noon. The opening ceremony will be followed by concerts, presentations of famous Belarusian creative groups, artists from Minsk and other regions of the country, foreign students studying at Grodno universities, and much more.

The closing ceremony of the festival will take place on Sovetskaya Square at 16.00. The best and most creative participants of the multinational holiday will be honored during the ceremony. 

On Sunday, the Augustow Canal, which celebrates its 200th anniversary this year, will host a fire show, a flash mob in national costumes, a lumberjack competition, a fishing festival, a drummer show, a performance by dance groups and much more. 

The festival will wrap up with the flash mob "Message of Friendship and Peace". Its participants will release pigeons into the sky and launch toy boats with messages to the residents of neighboring countries with calls for peace.
Photos by Leonid Shcheglov/BelTA
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