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06 May 2022, 17:25

Golovchenko: Everything is done in Belarus to prevent attempts to falsify history

MINSK DISTRICT, 6 May (BelTA) – Everything is done in Belarus to prevent attempts to falsify history. Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko made the statement as he laid flowers at a mass grave of Soviet prisoners of war, partisans, underground resistance fighters, and civilians in the village of Kopishche, Minsk District on 6 May, BelTA has learned.

Roman Golovchenko said: “We in Belarus do everything to prevent attempts to falsify or distort historical content. The law on preventing the rehabilitation of Nazism fully covers this sphere and represents a reliable barrier on the way of barefaced falsifiers. By the way, I wonder where they get the money to multiply their lies and who offers these cheat notes from abroad. It is impossible to hammer patently sacrilegious and flawed ideologemes into heads, particularly heads of children because they grow up to become citizens of the country in the end. Our task is to present historical truth without frills, to shape the right perception of those events among the young generation in order to build modern Belarusian statehood on the basis of lessons of the past.”

The prime minister gave an example of how history can be falsified. “Unfortunately, crooked political animals and propagandists tend to use history as a tool. I will not reveal a big secret if I say that anti-Belarusian, anti-Russian hysterics from, for instance, Poland is based on certain ideologemes,” he remarked.

Modern Polish history textbooks, which describe World War Two events, were analyzed in order to understand what those ideologemes are. “Honestly speaking, I am horrified by the interpretation of some facts. In the context of the time period when World War Two began the Soviet Union is definitely called an aggressor alongside fascist Germany. Then extremely little time is paid to key battles. Instead of Poland's liberation the textbooks describe the advance of the Red Army into the country's territory with shame. Some even use the word ‘conquest'. What kind of conscience will the young generation get on the basis of this foundation? Certainly, other practices favorably fit this setting later on and a bridge to the current reality gets established,” Roman Golovchenko said.

Roman Golovchenko
Roman Golovchenko

“Once history is falsified, the war on monuments and the demolishment of Soviet military memorials are more readily accepted,” the Belarusian head of government added.

Roman Golovchenko mentioned the importance of celebrating Victory Day nowadays. “This holiday is acquiring a new aspect for me personally in the context of the political situation on the European continent. They want to make our children feel nearly shame for the fact that we've liberated Europe and driven off fascism from our land. Once again we have to defend the right to call ourselves winners. Once again we have to secure recognition of our contribution to the establishment of peace,” he stated.

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