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05 June 2024, 13:29

Digital state, smart cities, 5G networks among IT priorities for Belarus 

 MINSK, 5 June (BelTA) – Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko named the main tasks in IT during the opening ceremony of the international forum on information and communication technologies TIBO 2024, BelTA has learned.

“We see a great interest in various digital services. We see how convenient it is to interact with the state without leaving home and get instant results. This is why we do not rest on our laurels and aim higher. I will highlight the most priority tasks we set for ourselves,” Roman Golovchenko said. 

The first is to built 5G networks based on a fundamentally new architecture of wireless broadband access. This will make it possible to introduce the latest global technologies in various sectors of the economy and social welfare sector.

The second one is to create the Smart City platform to provide a wide range of digital services to ensure a comfortable living environment for people. Te first stage will cover 17 cities of the country. 

The third is to convert more than 400 administrative procedures into electronic form. For example, we are planning to digitize the processes of registering motor vehicles, obtaining a driver's license, renting housing, and others, the prime minister noted.
The fourth is to ensure traceability of goods through the integration of digital logistics services into the single platform, which should become a kind of a one-stop-shop service for interaction between the state and carriers. 

The fifth one is to introduce electronic document management in trade. This will make it possible to personalize sales, integrate customer data, manage prices and predict consumer demand.

The sixth is to ensure transition from the e-government model to the digital state model. “Digital technologies are needed to provide support for citizens and businesses in any situation. For example, when a child is born, it is advisable to provide a set of related services online: issuing a birth certificate, providing social benefits, reserving a place in a kindergarten. When opening a new business, online services may include registration and banking services,” the prime minister outlined the prospects.

In his words, other important goals are to reduce dependence on foreign software, stimulate implementation of solutions of domestic developers and use of software from friendly countries. In agriculture the major tasks include application of precision farming systems, including unmanned technologies of field processing, digital analysis of images of farmland, traceability of products from field to counter.

Considerable attention will also be paid to the training of IT personnel in close cooperation with customers, the development of professional educational standards, building the digital competencies of employees and increasing the digital literacy of the population.
The TIBO forum is a unique platform for sharing best practices in information technologies, analyzing the best global practices of digital transformation and discussing the prospects for effective use of the latest technological trends in traditional sectors of the economy. The four-day event will feature the latest technologies of state-run organizations and private companies at Minsk Arena. 

Taking part in the forum are public administration bodies, international organizations and diplomatic missions, professional and business associations, research and educational institutions, public and private companies. Foreign official delegations will also take an active part in the forum.

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