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11 June 2024, 13:24

CEC expects more international observers at Belarus president election

MINSK, 11 June (BelTA) - The number of international observers at the upcoming presidential election in Belarus may be twice as many as during the parliamentary elections on the single voting day on 25 February 2024, Chairman of the Central Election Commission Igor Karpenko told the media following a meeting with Belarusian President, Chairman of the Belarusian People's Congress Aleksandr Lukashenko, BelTA has learned.

One of the topics discussed by the head of state and the head of the CEC was the invitation of international observers to the upcoming presidential election in Belarus. "We see that their number may be higher than during the parliamentary elections. On the single voting day we had 294 international observers. I think that the number can be 1,5 to 2 times higher," Igor Karpenko explained.

Traditionally, Belarus is set to invite observer missions from the CIS and the SCO. Plans are in place to expand the geography and invite the heads and representatives of the Central Election Commissions of African countries, Latin America, and Europe, Igor Karpenko noted.

He recalled that the CIS has the convention on the standards of democratic elections. "We have the findings report by the CIS and a number of other international organizations that says that the Belarusian legislation is fully full compliance with this convention, which we have signed and which we adhere to when organizing an electoral process in our country," the head of the CEC said.

As for the date of the presidential election, it should be held no later than 20 July 2025. The exact date, according to the law, will be determined by the House of Representatives of the National Assembly. 

The president election will wrap up the large electoral cycle, which began after the national referendum in 2022 and amendments to the Constitution. "We organized the single voting day according to the amended electoral legislation. I reported to the president that we are ready to conduct the presidential election campaign in accordance with the current electoral code. In other words, no adjustments are required at the moment," Igor Karpenko explained.

Currently, the CEC continues to work on raising legal awareness of citizens. "This is one of the new functions that is spelled out in the Electoral Code and assigned to the CEC. We continue to work with activists who are potential election organizers of (on the single voting day more than 66,000 people worked in all commissions. This number does not inclde observers, activists, and so on)," the head of the CEC said. 

In all regions of the country, the CEC, together with local executive authorities, conducts seminars for public organizations and political parties, which, in accordance with the Electoral Code, have the authority to nominate their representatives to election commissions, observers or candidates in elections.

Igor Karpenko recalled that in Belarus there is only one way to nominate a presidential candidate - by collecting at least 100,000 signatures.

In addition, this year the CEC of Belarus celebrates its 35th anniversary as a permanent electoral body. The CEC is planning to hold an expanded meeting on 4 December 2024 and invite veterans of the commission and those who have made a special contribution to the development of the electoral system of sovereign Belarus. This topic, according to the head of the CEC, is especially relevant at the present stage, given the increased attempts at hybrid external influence on countries, their economies and political systems. 
Another significant event at the international level will be a meeting of the Advisory Council of the Heads of the CIS Election Bodies in Minsk in September of this year where the CEC of Belarus will take over the chairmanship of this body from Uzbekistan. 
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