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22 January 2021, 13:38

Call on Belarusians to join forces for better future

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MINSK, 22 January (BelTA) - Nothing is impossible. We just need to join forces and build our country together based on the choice that we made, Vladimir Gusakov, the Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB), and Vasily Gursky, Director of the NASB Institute of Economics, write in an article for the SB. Belarus Segodnya newspaper dedicated to the draft social and economic development program for 2021-2025, BelTA has learned.

In their view, the economic system promoted in Belarus pursues the following strategic goals: to be socially oriented, to address the needs of the society and to promote even development of regions and territories, to be focused on the high-tech real sector, a high level of employment in general and high-performance jobs in particular, economic security and, above all, food security, to be regulated by the state and self-regulated in the interests of society and deeply integrated into the global economy, open to capital and foreign economic relations.

The draft social and economic development program of Belarus for 2021-2025, published the day before, has been submitted for the public debate. The document, as before, highlights the priorities of the Belarusian model, which are about improving the quality of life. The most important asset of the country is people. The country is guided by the principle: economy for people, rather than people for economy. This means that the allocation of resources must meet social needs, enabling the realization of the potential of every human being, ensuring high living standards. Appropriate conditions must be created for the society to meet its reasonable needs and to reap necessary benefits," the article reads.

The scientists believe that Belarus should be a dynamically developing country. The country should undergo qualitative and quantitative changes, harness the latest scientific and technological achievements. Belarus should also expand international cooperation and advance mutually beneficial partner relations with neighboring countries. This will help get lacking resources and make full use of available resources.

“We see Belarus as a sovereign, dynamically developing, peaceful welfare state, a good country to live in. A choice that is not backed by resources is just a dream. Belarus has always set its social and economic development goals and targets based on a profound analysis of its capabilities. It is important to understand that everything is in place for us to achieve our goals. We are as good as other countries. Nothing is impossible, we just need to pool our efforts and follow the chosen path, building the country together,” Vladimir Gusakov and Vasily Gursky wrote.

They stressed that the Belarusian economic model is a unique phenomenon is modern geopolitics and geoeconomics. It is unique because of the role of the government in the country's development.

“It is the ability of our country to defend its national interests under strong international pressure and with limited domestic resources that helps us maintain high living standards, provide for ourselves, develop high-technology enterprises, and enjoy a good life in our country in general. No matter what mechanisms and instruments of social and economic development we will choose in the future, we should preserve our main competitive advantage – a strong welfare state,” the article reads.

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