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07 September 2022, 16:25

Call for proper conditions for young Belarusians to settle down in regions

MINSK, 7 September (BelTA) – It is important to enable conditions and create opportunities to encourage young specialists to stay in the regions, BelTA learned from Head of the Belarus President Administration Igor Sergeyenko.

A session of the Lyuban District Executive Committee took place on 7 September to discuss youth policy and social and economic development. Head of the Belarus President Administration Igor Sergeyenko and Chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Aleksandr Turchin took part in it.

Igor Sergeyenko said: “Youth policy is a priority direction of the entire state policy of our country. The relevant legislation has been put together and is being improved with this in mind. In our daily work we may sometimes forget to pay attention to individual matters relating to the realization of the youth policy.”

He remarked that administrations of the enterprises where young professionals constitute a considerable part of the workforce should pay attention to interaction with young Belarusians. Progress and prospects are impossible without it, Igor Sergeyenko believes.

The official went on saying: “I am aware of the rich history of the Lyuban land where the partisan movement was born in 1941 among other places. Your fellow countermen made this land glorious after the war. Dozens of Heroes of Socialist Labor worked in Lyuban District. The examples can be used to educate young Belarusians. But it is important to enable conditions and create opportunities for young specialists. Yes, not 100% of them will settle down here. But getting them to settle down here is not important, keeping life in these population centers going is.”

Employer-sponsored education is as important, the official said. It should be evaluated on the national scale. The matter is closely related to social justice and guarantees for income-earning young people.

Igor Sergeyenko also mentioned the problem of crimes and administrative offences committed by young Belarusians: “I wouldn't say it is a serious problem on the national scale but it does exist. The number of crimes committed by the underage has increased in Lyuban District. Those crimes include disorderly conduct, drinking alcohol, and engaging in antisocial behavior. Hence we should think about the organization of cultural and mass events as well as patriotic events.”

According to Igor Sergeyenko, preventing specialists from leaving the country is another important task. “A sociological research has been carried out and demonstrated that the number of those willing to leave Belarus decreased from 28% to 19% in the last two years. We have to improve the university admission system. We don't want the system to discourage Belarusian applicants and make them opt for Russian universities. I am not talking only about Polish educational institutions and other European educational institutions. We should not yield to our Russian friends, too,” he said.

The operation of the Belarusian national youth union BRSM was mentioned. Igor Sergeyenko said: “The organization marked its 20th anniversary yesterday. It was a pleasure to also see young people among those present. Many went through the Komsomol in the past. Leaving formalism out of this work is the key. The BRSM has grown larger over the course of one year. Not in numbers but in proposals and initiatives. All young Belarusians should be united around the BRSM. We should work towards it,” Igor Sergeyenko concluded.

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