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21 October 2022, 14:00

Best locations for profitable business in Minsk

Mayak Minska and Park Chelyuskintsev offer new great terms for a successful start-up or an already running business! You are in for excellent traffic, a solvent regular customer base and an endless flow of tourists interested in purchasing goods and receiving services.

Mayak Minska is the shortest way to success!

Entrepreneurs who opened their business here a year or two ago or at a time when the houses of one of the most prestigious complexes of the capital city were still being built, spoke about how things are going for them today. Please welcome!

Alina, director of Shelby barbershop

"We have been working since 2017. Mayak Minska has a great traffic. We are happy about everything. There is room to grow, because everything is developing nearby. The multifunctional complex is very good. Even if there are competitors nearby, you still will have regular customers in Mayak Minska if you provide high-quality service. We attract clients not only by catching name but also by our professional stylists.

A perfect place for men to have a haircut, get a clean shave and meet friends

The complex is home to a shopping and entertainment center [Dana Mall is one of the largest in the Republic of Belarus]. Not only those who live in this residential complex come to us. Among our clients are people who come to do shopping in the mall come. Nearby is a metro station, ground transport stops, there are no problems with taxi service, parking spaces. Many come here just to take a picture or have a great time. There are many restaurants here. This buzzy place with fountains is not just a very beautiful and cool location, but a small universe, a city within a city where everything is at hand. You may not leave it at all because the entire infrastructure is here!”

В In Mayak Minska there are many places where they serve refreshments and snacks for every taste. Are you a fan of fresh pastries? Then this is a place for you for you!

Vadim, owner of Pyshechnaya pastry shop

"We really enjoy working here! Picasso Boulevard is a place where people can buy everything from fashionable clothes to our pastries. We opened our shop in September 2020, just over two years ago. Of all the locations we considered, Mayak Minska was the newest, but already avery popular place, where everyone wants to come and take a walk around. There is a wonderful atmosphere, a view of the library, fountains, Dana Mall shopping mall. We have walk-in customers every day.Every day you see first-time customers! There are also repeat customers. They go down from their apartments to our donut place to buy fresh pastries from us.

There is no other neighborhood in Minsk that would have a boulevard with such a great number of facilities. People come here to buy gifts, relax, meet up with friends. Almost every place has its own music! But that doesn't hamper anyone. On the contrary, it brings more visitors. This is the most convenient place to do business. Metro and the Minsk Ring Road are nearby. There are no traffic jams. Mayak Minska is not enclosed or restricted, it is the most accessible neighborhood.

One of the business-old-timers of the multifunctional complex shared his impressions of running a store at Mayak Minska. This store offers a wide choice of floor coverings.

Dmitry, director of the Empire of Flooring salon

“We have been working in this location for seven years, almost from the very beginning of this residential construction project! We really like it. We are not going to move or change location. There are convenient transport arteries and a metro station nearby. It is easy to explain to customers how they can get here. It is convenient, because there is a large mall a step away from us!

People are more willing to come here because apart from our salon they can also visit the mall. Picasso Boulevard is beautiful! My coworkers and I love it. We spend time here together. Interesting events are regularly held here with entertainments to every taste. Mayak Minska is not only a residential complex, it is also a tourist attraction!

As a rule, we, owners of commercial premises, are involved in managing our house and improving the surrounding areas. It's nice. This makes me happy! And the residents are happy, too!

Yekaterina, manager of the Prosciutteria cafe

Mayak Minska is an area that suits absolutely everyone. There are large and comfortable parking lots, it is very convenient to get to work from here. No traffic jams, a busy boulevard with a lot of people walking, many interesting places and shops. It is very comfortable!

Here you can spend a romantic evening

The area is particularly busy in summer, when a beautiful fountain is up and running. There are many different places and open terraces. The area is interesting, promising and modern. I am very happy to run a business here. We continue to surprise our guests for the fourth year already.

You will find high-quality Italian products at Prosciutteria

Our format allows our clients to dine here and buy products for a home dinner. There is a wide assortment of Italian products and a large wine list. Both locals and tourists come to visit us. The Mayak Minska infrastructure is very attractive for foreigners. From the airport you get to Dana Mall, and next to it is Mayak Minska - a place where you have everything, including a variety of on-site facilities and great apartments that you can rent. You are most welcome!”

Are you expecting a baby? The Mayak Minska features I Mum store for you!

Zoya, director of the maternity and baby chain store I Mum

“We started our business in Dana Mall, then moved to Mayak Minska and have been working successfully for about four months here. We are happy with everything! People come to us not only from other districts of the city, but also from different parts of the country. A lot of foreigners come here, too! People's interest is justified because we offer our own production. The goods on display here cannot be bought anywhere else. These are clothes, cosmetics, and underwear - everything expectant and nursing mothers as well as their newborns may need!

All the mum and her little miracle may need is here!

Customers can always park in the open parking lot of the shopping center or near the National Library of Belarus. There are also excellent public transport links here: buses, trolleybuses, and the metro. Customers from other cities can also benefit from using the Minsk Ring Road to get here!

Happy parents are always welcome here!

In summer, Mayak Minska turns into an amusement park, with an abundance of entertainment. Bloggers often shoot their videos here, contributing to the popularization of the business. Restaurants, stores, and cafes are many. There is a supermarket here, too. Everything is very conveniently located!

How is an owner of a door store doing here?

Sergei, owner of Tvoi Dveri door store

“I believe that Mayak Minska is a very good location. I opened my store here in 2017, when the mixed-use complex was still under construction. The footfall in Mayak Minska is really big! People who come to Dana Mall also see my store from afar. This is the most profitable and promising spot. Even today - with many construction sites completed! - clients keep coming in.

My store is open until 20.00, and from 20.00 to 21.00 I usually spend time with my family here. We enjoy a cup of coffee while the kids play on the spacious grounds. Everything is in favor of opening a business in Mayak Minska!

Is the business successful for those who have opted for the prestigious residential complex Park Chelyuskintsev? We stopped by the coffee shop Funny Bean!

Dmitry, the owner

“We enjoy working here! There are always enough people! In general, I like everything. It's very convenient here. All the necessary things are nearby. There are many different establishments. Within a few minutes of unhurried walk from the metro..

Our audience is very diverse. It consists of regular or irregular patrons, who come here to visit, take a walk in the park or go on an excursion. Adults and young people come here. Mothers with children willingly drop by. And so do grandmas and grandpas!”

Yulia, director of the beauty parlor Marfa

“We have been working here for a year and have not regretted it one bit although we have something to compare it with (Marfa salons also operate in other districts of Minsk). We love it here! This is a modern area where there are very pleasant residents we'd like to give beauty to. There are many customers because we are located in the city center: it is easy to get here by car or public transport!

It seems to me that Park Chelyuskintsev is very modern and cool. The architecture is pleasing to the eye. The complex looks like a small stylish city within the city. There is a park nearby that many families with children visit – it is a very big plus. Lots of nice business neighbors. We are happy to visit them to grab a coffee and take a walk in the park and they come in order to become even more successful and beautiful!”

The multifunctional complexes, which have become a center of attraction for Minsk residents, as well as guests from other regions and countries, are the best place for a successful start or for developing a business of any kind!

New favorable terms for purchasing commercial premises in Mayak Minska and Park Chelyuskintsev are available right now. Today is the best time to launch a startup or open a new page in the history of your success!

Call us! The short number is 7911 (the landline numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465, +375 17 38-81-719). You are always welcome to come to the offices located at 9 Mstislavtsa Street and 11 Mstislavtsa Street! Representatives of the group of real estate development companies look forward to your visits and calls in 57 towns and cities across Belarus!

Mayak Minska and Park Chelyuskintsev. A world of successful business created for you!

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