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14 July 2020, 12:06

BelTA's With Pride in Heart project celebrates Belarusian culture

MINSK, 14 July (BelTA) – A new issue of BelTA's multimedia project “With Pride in Heart” is dedicated to Belarusian culture.

The culture of Belarus developed over the centuries. Belarus has inherited a truly rich heritage: original architecture, long traditions of art schools, unique musical and literary works. Over the years of independence, Belarus was able not only to preserve its cultural heritage, but also to multiply it. The constant and comprehensive support from the state played a huge role in this.

The issue dedicated to the Belarusian culture and traditions tells about the colossal work to preserve and develop the country's cultural traditions, support young talents and personalities known all over the world.

BelTA's project “With Pride in Heart” was launched on 16 June. It is dedicated to the achievements of the sovereign Belarus in various fields.

Since gaining independence, Belarus has come a long way, and the results of this development have benefited every Belarusian. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Belarus has managed not only to preserve the country, but also to expand its economic capacity, provide all citizens with the necessary social guarantees, and strengthen the national security. Belarus' voice is heard in respected international organizations, mostly thanks to peace initiatives of the country's authorities.

Every issue of the “With Pride in Heart” project tells about the country's achievements in many areas, from advanced technologies and national security to healthcare and national culture.

The project relies on the historical information, archival newspapers, photos, videos, and also BelTA's news materials and infographics.

The first four long-reads were dedicated to the manufacturing industry, the agricultural sector, national security and sport.

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