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23 February 2024, 18:34

BelTA’s Sovereign Belarus exhibition reaches Brest

The Sovereign Belarus photo exhibition put together by the Belarusian news agency BelTA continues its journey around the country. On 20 February, it made a week-long stop in Brest. The exposition is hosted by the Didas Persia shopping center in the pedestrian Sovietskaya Street. Brest residents and visitors to the city have a unique opportunity to look at the life of Belarusians from different angles. 

The exhibition features more than 100 photographs taken by BelTA photojournalists. Every photo highlights the country's achievements in different sectors: agriculture, industry, medicine, education, culture, science and technology.

Lyudmila from Brest, who came to the mall for shopping, took a few minutes to see the exhibition. "I think it is a great idea. You go shopping and simultaneously learn more about the country and its people. It would be great if such exhibitions are opened in other public places," the Brest resident noted. 

Every visitor to the exposition will find something familiar, near and dear to their hearts. For example, residents of Brest and Brest Oblast will be able to assess the way BelTA’s photojournalists captured the legendary Brest Fortress, the majestic Belovezhskaya Pushcha, the thousand-year-old Brest, and other places and events of the region. Some will even spot familiar faces. For example, one of the visitors recognized her neighbor in a photograph of the honor guard company taken in the citadel. 

According to Aleksandr, he dropped by Didas Persia for just a few minutes, but lingered at the Sovereign Belarus exhibition. “To be honest, it was a little unexpected to see a photo exhibition in the mall. I decided to have a closer look. The photographs of Brest and the region caught my eye; after all, everything here is familiar and dear. In general, photographs from various parts of the country resonated with me. It was interesting to see footage depicting our industry, science and medicine,” the man said.

Anna read about the exhibition in the news and decided to see it with her daughter Maria. According to the woman, she became curious what kind of photographs were selected for the exposition. “It’s interesting to see what our country is living and breathing. The theme that is of greatest interest to me is probably space. We have finally achieved such a high level. This is very encouraging. In general, everything is interesting. We are moving forward, thriving,” she said. Her schoolgirl daughter noted that she was most interested in the space theme.

By the way, part of the exhibition is dedicated to young people. Maksim studies at the Faculty of History at Brest State University. The young man could not pass by the exhibition. “A wonderful exhibition that shows the achievements of Belarus in industry, agriculture and other sectors over the past decades. For me, as a person who loves his country, it highlighted the true assets and values of the country,” the young man noted.

It is worth mentioning that each stand features not only pictures but also information about the path the country has gone over the years of its independence. All these achievements come from hardworking and peace-loving Belarusians, all of us. Such a simple and clear meaning makes the concept of this exhibition.

The opinion was echoed by sophomore Kirill. “The exhibition immediately grabbed my attention. The footnotes to every photo tell us a story of the industries we have in our country and the results we have achieved so far. At such a moment you realize that we have a good future. I would also like to say that this exhibition evokes a sense of pride for my country,” the student emphasized.

His friend Ivan admitted that he was very impressed by what he saw. “I was amazed by the scale and beauty of this project, which showed all the versatility and uniqueness of Belarusian culture. I learned a lot of new and interesting things about my homeland and its place in the world. I believe that this exhibition is an important contribution to the development and popularization of Belarusian culture. I recommend it to everyone who appreciates and loves Belarus,” the young man said.

In Brest, the Sovereign Belarus photo exhibition will be running in Brest until the start of next week. Then it will travel to another city of the country.
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