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07 February 2020, 15:42

BelTA's new book launched at Minsk International Book Fair

MINSK, 7 February (BelTA) – The presentation of BelTA's book Traditions of Sovereign Belarus has been held at the 27th edition of the Minsk International Book Fair, BelTA has learned.

“Today we are launching the book Traditions of Sovereign Belarus,” BelTA Director General Irina Akulovich noted. “Like a close-knit family has traditions that bond its members, a country also has traditions that make it stronger. Belarus has managed not only to preserve old traditions, but also to create new original ones. We have recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of Belarus' Constitution and the institute of presidency. To mark this occasion we compiled 25 traditions without which it is hard to imagine our country. We can already name this book fair another good tradition which we will uphold and support,” she added.

Irina Akulovich
Irina Akulovich

The book was published with support of the Information Ministry. It features 400 photos depicting the most important events of the Belarusian calendar, as well as presidential initiatives that have turned into traditions. These traditions demonstrate the power of national unity and make people proud of their native land. Among them are Independence Day and Victory Day celebrations, the International Christmas Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament, the national junior ice hockey competition Golden Puck, and the Alexandria Gathers Friends festival.

“Why 25 traditions of sovereign Belarus? The Constitution turned 25. The institute of presidency turned 25. These are 25 traditions that will for sure be discussed in various circles. I am sure that people who will read and analyze the book will share their opinion about its contents,” Belarus Deputy Information Minister Igor Buzovsky stressed. “Trust me, this book will be the talk of the town even in a hundred years,” he added.

Igor Buzovsky
Igor Buzovsky

BelTA's photo-book is exhibited at the Minsk International Book Fair at the Belarusian national stand. “What you have done this year sums up the history of Belarus. This year's book fair features few similar projects, but there are starting to emerge. I want to look back at the author's day that was held yesterday and mention Igor Marzalyuk, Ivan Antonovich, and Vyacheslav Bondarenko who already cause a stir in matters related to the analysis of historical events and facts. This book, believe me, uses a different – a visualized – approach to history which some other people would like to describe from a different perspective,” Igor Buzovsky noted.

“BelTA's new book is a landmark project, the result of our joint work. The Information Ministry took an active part in analyzing and reviewing materials submitted for the book. I am happy that the teams that came together for this project immersed themselves in the search for these traditions and I am happy that we present them today,” Igor Buzovsky added.

Visitors of the presentation were invited to take part in the ancient Belarusian rite Calling of Spring together with artists of the Belarusian Folk Museum of Architecture and Rural Life in Strochitsy.

Photos by Oksana Manchuk, Andrei Pokumeiko

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