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18 June 2021, 16:56

Belarusian workers' open letter against sanctions handed to EU Delegation

Andrei Semenyuga, Deputy Director General at AGAT-Control Systems
Andrei Semenyuga, Deputy Director General at AGAT-Control Systems

MINSK, 18 June (BelTA) - An open letter of Belarusian workers condemning the sanctions has been handed to the Delegation of the European Union to Belarus by the AGAT-Control Systems employees, BelTA has learned.

The document is addressed to President of the European Parliament David-Maria Sassoli, President of the European Council Charles Michel, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell.

“We, the signees, are not engaged in politics. We work at various enterprises in Belarus. We build machines, weld metal, refine oil. We do this and much more to ensure a decent and happy life for our families in our native land, where we were born and where we grew up. Our grandfathers and fathers defended the country against fascism during World War II and brought you, Europeans, peace and freedom. We strive to live in harmony in our land and in peace with other countries and all peoples. We want to travel freely across borders, not in search of a new home or refugee allowance, but to see other places. Therefore, we are puzzled and even outraged by the news that the European Union is going to impose economic sanctions against Belarus, which will first of all affect us - workers and our families,” the letter reads.

The signees believe that European politicians are doing this based on the calls of a handful of people who fled the country and who claim to represent the entire Belarusian people, pouring dirt on their country to your rapturous applause.

“Don't you want to hear our voice? Is this your democracy? We admit that they may harbor grievances against the Belarusian state. But this does not justify their calls to toughen the economic stranglehold on the Belarusian people, and you applaud it. This is how we see the sanctions, not in any other way around. We will remember the names of those who are involved in this act of aggression. We will explain this to our children and grandchildren. Therefore, we hope that you, the high representatives of the united Europe, who talk a lot about democratic values, will finally hear the voice of the real Belarus. The voice of those whose democratic rights to work and to free choice of work you are going to destroy in an attempt to bring our country to its knees and to decide for us how we should live,” reads the open letter. “If you, Europeans, the vaunted champions of democracy and respect for rights and freedoms, decide to invite anyone of us, the signees, to Brussels, we will tell you, without hiding anything, from any rostrum, about the situation in our country. Or it does not fit your agenda? Better yet, come to Minsk or any other city of Belarus to see the real life of the Belarusian people with your own eyes. Do not be afraid. Belarus is a beautiful, calm and safe country. We will welcome you with open arms. Our country is a far cry from what a bunch of charlatans describes it. In our home, we are used to solving all issues ourselves, if we see that these are real problems, not made up by those who want to impose their views or conditions on us. We are looking forward to an answer,” the letter reads.

The open letter was signed by employees of about 50 Belarusian enterprises. Among them are AGAT, Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant, Pinskdrev, Belshina, Bobruiskagromash, FanDOK, Mogilevliftmash, Molochny Mir, Babushkina Krynka, Gronitex, Brest and Grodno meat packing plants, Newsprint Plant and others.

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