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22 May 2017, 13:15

Belarusian unmanned combat helicopter showcased at MILEX 2017

MINSK, 22 May (BelTA) – An unmanned helicopter designed for combat and reconnaissance missions by the Belarusian company KB Indela was presented during the defense technology expo MILEX 2017, BelTA has learned.

The drone is a single-rotor helicopter with non-retractable landing gear. It uses an auxiliary wing with two combat load mounting points. The drone is powered by an internal combustion engine that burns high-octane gasoline. The helicopter is designed to deliver air strikes against personnel, light-armored vehicles and automobiles. It can destroy well-defended buildings, suppress weapon emplacements in hard-to-reach areas. The drone can also perform reconnaissance missions and transmit video, including infrared variety.

The unmanned aerial vehicle can take off and land on its own. It can hover above a designated area. The operator also controls mounted weapons and the onboard data transfer system.

The helicopter can be used in various weather conditions in daytime and at night. It can take off from and land on unprepared ground as large as 30x30 meters.

The helicopter does not need a highly trained operator. It is particularly handy when human lives are at stake. The helicopter can be used in emergencies such as fires, bad weather, or territories polluted by chemicals or radiation. The helicopter is highly automated. The operator can upload the mission data and the helicopter will do the rest, including takeoff and landing. Even if the drone loses signal from the ground control station, various autonomous operation schemes can kick in, including attempts to reestablish the link, return to the takeoff site or land in the predesignated evacuation site.

KB Indela is a privately owned company, which specializes in developing and making multipurpose unmanned aerial vehicles. It is one of the world's key producers of helicopter-type UAVs and is the only ex-USSR company capable of R&D and batch production of helicopter-type UAVs.

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