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25 April 2024, 16:21

Belarusian troops promised everything they need to defend state

MINSK, 25 April (BelTA) – The army and other military units do not experience and will not experience shortages of the things they need to defend the state. Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko made the relevant statement on the air of the TV channel Belarus One, BelTA has learned.

Roman Golovchenko said: “For many years Belarus was a top world weapons exporter. The trend continues even now despite all the sanctions and restrictions. Equipping our own armed forces has become the highest priority for us. Serious state resources are allocated for it. We see it as a positive process. It is no secret that many products, which are initially developed for defense, security, and law enforcement agencies, are adopted by the civil sector. In this manner every ruble invested in state defense contracts is then multiplied in the peaceful economy.”

As an example he mentioned the Agat enterprise, which has been making troop control systems and weapons since the Soviet times. “It came up with cutting-edge algorithms for military products. Now they are used rather peacefully in the civil sector. For instance, in systems designed to meter electricity flows and a number of other things,” the head of government noted. “For instance, unmanned aerial vehicles are primarily designed for military operations now. I am convinced that we will see them used on a massive scale in civilian life for delivering cargoes, mail parcels and so on to remote areas.”

“I believe that militarization diverts both assets and resources from some other spheres but at the same time it has to be done. We have to maintain parity in weapons. The government is deeply involved in these matters. Literally the other day the president approved the state defense order for the current year. Neither our Armed Forces nor other military units experience or will experience shortages of the goods they need to carry out the tasks relating to the protection of our state,” the prime minister stressed.

According to Roman Golovchenko, all the directions formulated by the Military Doctrine, which has been adopted today, will be fully supplied with the necessary weapons. “Naturally, as it has been stressed many times today, we expect that we will never have to use them in practice. We will use the peaceful effect of these R&D products. But just in case we will always be fully armed,” he stated.

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