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01 December 2021, 10:02

Belarusian top officials meet at MAZ to discuss youth policy

Minsk Automobile Plant was chosen as the venue for the meeting. The participants of the event visited the Minsk State Auto-Mechanical College named after academician М.S. Vysotsky, got familiar with the exhibition of machinery, visited specialized classes of the college, and talked to young workers, engineers and specialists of the plant.

According to Head of the Belarus President Administration Igor Sergeyenko, it is no coincidence that the on-site meeting is held at Minsk Automobile Plant, one of the country's leading enterprises. Igor Sergeyenko believes that the work with young people has been organized here at a good level. Every fifth employee of the plant is under 30.

Igor Sergeyenko emphasized that youth policy is one of the state priorities, a part of the ideological work in the country. “We say that young people are our future. But young people are also our present. Today 20% of the country's population are young people under the age of 31,” he said.

According to him, a state youth policy up to 2030 is being implemented in Belarus. A lot of activities are carried out in civil and patriotic education of young people, promotion of healthy lifestyles, state support for young families, assistance in realization of the rights of young people to work and to unite, and to receive education. “Along with the significant work done on part of government agencies to support and develop the creative initiative of young people in various areas of activity, we see a number of problems, which objectively we have faced for a number of years and which were somewhat exacerbated after the events of last year,” said the head of the Belarus President Administration. In his words, it concerns in particular the civic position of young people and the level of patriotism, the growth of migration attitudes and unwillingness to serve in the army.

Igor Sergeyenko stressed that the discussion of youth policy should not be reduced to just naming problems. It is necessary to focus on finding ways to solve them, he said: “We are holding the meeting to identify the so-called pain points and to outline the points of growth.”

Minsk Automobile Plant employs over 2,500 workers aged under 31, which is about 16% of the total personnel. The plant actively implements programs on attracting and supporting the young staff, concludes agreements with over 20 educational institutions on cooperation and collaboration in staff training and internships. Every year more than a thousand students and pupils undergo practical training at the plant.

MAZ specialists organize meetings with students on the basis of educational institutions, presentations about the company's activity, personnel and youth policy.

In their free time, students have the opportunity to work at the plant with a fixed hourly wage (individually or as part of the student team).

Employees in need of better housing conditions are provided with accommodation in the dormitory. Creative groups at the MAZ Culture and Sports Club and amateur sports teams help develop the potential of young people and promote a healthy lifestyle.

All conditions have been created at the plant to raise the professional level of the employees. Every year about 500 employees undergo advanced training and retraining. Training is conducted on the basis of various training centers and educational institutions of Belarus, CIS countries.

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