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30 August 2012, 19:39

Belarusian satellite takes pictures of Bahrain, Mozambique

MINSK, 30 August (BelTA) – The Belarusian satellite has already taken pictures of Bahrain and Mozambique, Sergei Zolotoi, Director General of the enterprise Geoinformation Systems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, told media on 30 August.

The first space images were received on 29 August. Pictured was Mozambique, in particular, one of the pictures clearly shows a tennis court in comparatively restrained urban conditions. On 30 August specialists received a new series of images. The Belarusian satellite had taken photos of a part of Bahrain. One of the pictures clearly shows a newly built pier. The same day the satellite transmitted some images of Belarus. Due to clouds it is rather difficult to see the surface of the planet but the specialists have managed to acquire the imagery of several blocks of Minsk in between clouds.

The Director General said that the first satellite images were another step towards creating the Belarusian space system. In his words, creating a satellite is not enough, it is necessary to make products. Although the quality of the first images is not high, the imagery inspires optimism. In particular, Russian specialists have spoken positively about the quality of the pictures made by the Belarusian satellite.

The resolution of black-and-white pictures is 2.1 meters. For now the satellite images are being used to tune the equipment. They will not be sent to potential customers yet.

The Belarusian satellite can take black-and-white photos with the maximum resolution of 2.1 meters. It is enough to distinguish immovable objects such as buildings and bridges and to get their exact location. The image quality will be sufficient to see automobiles. Color photos will have a resolution of 10.5 meters.

The satellite will be useful for the development of mapmaking services. Besides, it will be used in town planning, geodesy, land utilization, agriculture, and the forestry business. The images will be used by the Emergencies Ministry, too.
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