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16 November 2022, 19:10

Belarusian Defense Ministry alarmed by Poland's preparations for offensive war

BOBRUISK, 16 November (BelTA) – Poland's militarization indicates that Warsaw is preparing for an offensive war. Deputy Chief for Combat Management of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus, Major-General Valery Gnilozub made the statement as he met with worker collectives in Bobruisk, Mogilev Oblast to discuss the current military political situation, BelTA has learned.

Valery Gnilozub said: “Today we unquestionably believe that the NATO units deployed in neighboring countries may become the foundation for creating attack forces against Russia and its closest ally Belarus. Military infrastructure is being deployed at an accelerated pace in order to expand the ability to accommodate NATO military units in neighboring countries. The modernization of most of the airfields in Poland and the Baltic states has been virtually finished. They can now host up to 200 combat aircraft.”

Apart from that, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia are busy reconstructing training centers and military training areas to accommodate NATO military contingents. The construction of a new military training area in Lithuania near the Belarusian border is nearing completion although the work was supposed to start in 2024. New container-type mobile camps are being deployed. They will be able to accommodate thousands of military personnel. The existing infrastructure already allows prompt redeployment and accommodation of up to one division and one squadron of combat aviation from the continental part of the United States of America.

Fast militarization of neighboring countries is in progress, particularly Poland, Valery Gnilozub said. This policy clearly indicates that Warsaw is preparing for an offensive war, the officer believes. It is no accident that Poland intends to increase military spending up to at least 3% of the GDP and increase the army strength up to 300,000 people. In a bid to carry out the plans Poland has started training two additional mechanized infantry divisions. The extra division will be deployed in Poland's east, next to Bialystok.

Valery Gnilozub went on saying that Poland intends to massively increase the combat potential of its army by buying offensive weapons from the USA and South Korea. Contracts worth billions of U.S. dollars have already been signed and massive deliveries of offensive weapons are in progress. Within the next few years the United States of America will supply Poland with 32 F-35 jet fighters, three squadrons of multiple-launch rocket systems HIMARS, eight batteries of the air defense missile systems Patriot, and 250 combat tanks Abrams. South Korea will provide 180 K2 Black Panther tanks, over 212 self-propelled howitzers K9 Thunder, 48 combat training aircraft FA-50. The Belarusian Defense Ministry estimates that the implementation of the plans meant to increase the combat potential of the Polish army will allow Poland to carry out limited military operations without NATO's support in the future.

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