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25 March 2024, 21:02

Belarusian cosmonaut Marina Vasilevskaya participates in first communication session to Earth

A photo of the Roscosmos video feed
A photo of the Roscosmos video feed
KOROLYOV, 25 March (BelTA) – The crew of the manned crew transfer vehicle Soyuz MS-25 consisting of the spacecraft commander, Roscosmos cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky, the Belarusian cosmonaut Marina Vasilevskaya, and the NASA astronaut Tracy Dyson took part in the first communication session with Earth after arriving at the International Space Station, a BelTA journalist from Roscosmos’ mission control center reports.

“I am happy that Belarus has successfully and safely reached the ISS. We spent two days in transit but it didn’t affect the mood. We are very happy it turned out like this. I liked everything a lot. Particularly the twist maneuver. Indeed, we have reached the stars through tribulations,” Marina Vasilevskaya said.

After some rest that she needs Marina Vasilevskaya will get down to carrying out the research program the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has put together in association with Roscosmos and the Russian Academy of Sciences. It includes seven experiments: five for the sake of scientific research and two for education purposes. The scientific studies will focus on biology, physiology, autonomous operation of space stations, the remote sensing of Earth using photo and video spectrum equipment of Belarusian make already on board the International Space Station. The lactoferrin and probiotics made by scientific organizations of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus will be examined as well in order to evaluate the possibility of using them later to create food for cosmonauts.

Marina Vasilevskaya and Oleg Novitsky will spend 12 days at the International Space Station. The expedition’s duration has been extended to 14 days because of the rescheduled launch and changes in the docking approach. It allows keeping the research part of the first Belarusian cosmonaut’s flight intact.

Marina Vasilevskaya and Oleg Novitsky are expected to get back to Earth on 6 April on board the Soyuz MS-24 spacecraft, which delivered the previous crew to the ISS. They will be joined by NASA’s Loral O’Hara who has been at the station for a long time already.

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