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14 March 2019, 18:49

Belarusian company to showcase military robot at MILEX 2019

Photo courtesy of the State Military Industrial Committee of Belarus
Photo courtesy of the State Military Industrial Committee of Belarus

MINSK, 14 March (BelTA) – An armed weapon platform Berserk will be presented during the international defense industry expo MILEX 2019 in May, representatives of the State Military Industrial Committee of Belarus told BelTA.

The remotely controlled weapon platform is an advanced development product made by BSVT New Technologies Company. Its prototype was unveiled during the Independence Day parade in Minsk on 3 July 2018.

The remotely controlled robot can keep human personnel safe in a combat situation. Its optic and electronic systems enable easy control, precise target detection and recognition. The robot boasts high maneuverability and terrain crossing capacity in any weather.

The robot is designed to destroy aerial and ground targets – lightly armored vehicles and human personnel. It boasts phenomenal fire accuracy: 100 bullets out of 100 shots land in a circle 50cm in diameter at a range of 400m.

The weapon platform carries a 7.62mm caliber twin quad-barrel machine gun with the fire rate of up to 6,000 rounds per minute. The robot is designed to strike aerial and ground targets up to 1km away and moving at speeds of up to 300kmph.

The robot is fitted with visible-spectrum electronics and a thermal imaging device. It can detect unmanned aerial vehicles up to 3km away and helicopters up to 10km away. Its radio can send telemetry and HD visual feed. Solid control signal can be secured within 2km radius in urban conditions and within 5km in the open field. If necessary, a quadcopter can carry a repeater to increase the distance.

Robot is driven by powerful electric motors. The standardized tracked platform can carry various modifications of robotized solutions. The company's software developers are now working to teach the robot to automatically lock on targets. Target recognition may become available in the future.

The robot was presented before Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko in an army exercise area on 5 October 2018 as part of a display of promising weapon systems and technologies of Belarusian make. The head of state was favorably impressed with the product.

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