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29 March 2024, 11:33

Belarus’ youth organization offers help to  children from Moldova stuck at border

 GRODNO, 29 March (BelTA) – First Secretary of the Grodno Oblast Committee of the BRSM Youth Union Andrei Yesin told a BelTA correspondent what kind of assistance is being provided to the children’s music group from Moldova that has not been allowed to cross the border for two days.

“It was reported that a bus from Moldova carrying 25 people, including 11 children, has been stuck at the border. They spent several hours at the border, having passed our checkpoint. This, of course, is utter cynicism when gunmen  are surrounding the bus with the children and the kids cannot even go to the toilet, they don’t even have water. It’s terrible when we have situations like this in our time,” said Andrei Yesin.

He went on saying: “The Oshmyany District Executive Committee got involved, contacted the border control department. They joined efforts in order to solve the situation. The music group was allowed into Belarus, they were given hot tea and were able to use the bathroom.”

The children will be placed in one of local schools, they will be able to take a shower, have some rest, sleep, and they will also be provided with other things if necessary.

Andrei Yesin added that volunteers are ready to provide all the necessary assistance.

A reminder, Polish and Lithuanian border guards did not allow the bus with the children’s music group from Moldova to cross the border for almost two days. The children performed first in Poland and then in Minsk. However, they were not able to return to Moldova. Their bus was denied entry by the Polish and then by the Lithuanian border guards, thus the children were held up at the border the whole night. The head of the Rhapsody music and choral studio Natalya Barabanshchikova, who is on the same bus, recorded a video where she tells about the situation.
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