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29 July 2020, 12:26

Belarus to increase social pensions on 1 August

MINSK, 29 July (BelTA) – Following the increase in the minimum subsistence budget, Belarus will index social pensions and pension bonuses to pensioners over 75 on 1 August, BelTA learned from the Labor and Social Security Ministry.

The minimum subsistence budget will equal Br256.1 from 1 August to 31 October 2020. The new minimum subsistence budget has been increased by 3.8% compared to the previous one which was in force from 1 May to 31 July this year. The payments listed above will be increased proportionately.

In August-October the monthly supplementary pension benefits for non-working pensioners aged 80 and over will make up Br64.03, and for pensioners between the ages of 75 and 80 it will make up Br48.02. The supplementary pension for people with group I disabilities will be Br64.03, and for pensioners who have reached the age of 80 - Br32.02.

Social pensions (assigned when a person does not get a retirement pension) will be increased as follows: up to Br281.71 - for people with group I disabilities, including people with lifelong disabilities, Br243.3 – for people with lifelong group II disabilities, Br217.69 – for people with group II disabilities (except for people with lifelong disabilities), and children who lost a breadwinner, Br192.08 – for people with group III disabilities, Br128.05 - persons over the established retirement age, Br204.88 to Br281.71 - for children with disabilities under 18 with varying degrees of loss of health.

The carer's allowance will increase to Br256.1 (for caring for one such person) and to Br307.32 (for two or more).

Pensions will be increased for other categories of recipients: Heroes of Belarus, the Soviet Union, Socialist Labor, Leningrad siege survivors, former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps, and so on.

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