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05 April 2024, 17:33

Belarus’ suspension of CFE Treaty hailed as meeting national interests

Sergei Rachkov
Sergei Rachkov
MINSK, 5 April (BelTA) – The Belarus president’s agreement to bring the bill on suspending the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty into the House of Representatives of the National Assembly is a balanced decision that meets national interests, Chairman of the International Affairs Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly Sergei Rachkov told BelTA.

Sergei Rachkov said: “The decision of the president of the Republic of Belarus is a timely one and meets the reality of the emerging situation not only across the globe but primarily in our region. We already suspended the CFE Treaty with regard to Poland and Czechia in September 2023. After that the situation in the region did not improve. On the contrary, tensions escalated.”

The MP attributed it to actions of NATO countries, which are stockpiling weapons on Belarus’ western border and to the organization of massive military exercises by NATO countries. These exercises involve a huge amount of weapons, hardware, and human resources. “This is why while making this decision, Belarus completely follows the path of meeting its own national interests. First and foremost, the need to ensure defense and security of our country,” he added.

At the same time Sergei Rachkov made it clear that Belarus is not withdrawing from the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty. “For now we are suspending our participation in it and will analyze and track primarily the emerging military and political situation around our country and in our European region. This is why I will emphasize one more time: the president’s decision is absolutely timely and meets Belarus’ national interests,” the MP concluded.

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