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23 June 2022, 12:06

Belarus, Russia agree on joint investigation of criminal cases regarding genocide

MINSK, 23 June (BelTA) – Belarus' Prosecutor General Andrei Shved and Chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin signed a resolution to set up a joint investigative and operational group to investigate criminal cases regarding the genocide, BelTA has learned.

The investigative team of the Prosecutor General's Office of Belarus has launched a criminal case under Article 127 to investigate the genocide of the population of Belarus by Nazi criminals and their accomplices during the Great Patriotic War and in the post-war period. The investigative team is carrying out large-scale work on the territory of Belarus to obtain the evidence and clarify the circumstances for a full and comprehensive investigation of criminal cases.

The Investigative Committee of Russia has launched a criminal case under Article 357 of the Criminal Code into the the mass destruction of the Soviet people in 1941-1945.

"The signing of this resolution is important as it shows that we are doing a common cause. We are talking about the investigation and documentation of facts, including previously unknown atrocities of the fascist invaders in the occupied territories of the Soviet Union. Today we need to establish, objectively and impartially, all the circumstances related to the atrocities of the fascists and their accomplices," said Andrei Shved.

It is important that we investigate all criminal cases of the genocide, Andrei Shved said. "We must once again remind the world what Nazism and fascism are.

Neo-Nazism and neo-Fascism of the 21st century do not differ from the ideology, the followers of which brutally destroyed the civilian population, Red Army prisoners of war and established a so-called new order. We must remember this for the truth to prevail,” the prosecutor general of Belarus said.

Andrei Shved said that the scale of the investigations proves that the entire Belarus is one big mass grave. “There is not a single district where we have not found the remains of brutally murdered civilians and Red Army prisoners of war. We have talked about this and will continue to do so, because people need to know the truth. Over 300 more settlements have been identified which were burnt together with their inhabitants: children, elderly, and women. We have interviewed almost 15,000 witnesses, more than half of whom were concentration camp prisoners. All this is being recorded, so that the next generations could hear firsthand about the atrocities of the Nazis in the occupied territories,” the prosecutor general of Belarus said.

In his words, this helps understand the inhumanity of Nazi and Fascist ideologies. “This is a very large amount of work. More than 90% of the documents are in Russia. We work with our counterparts. This is a huge amount of documents - millions of pages. It is important not only to get all the information about the facts of the atrocities, but also to establish the names of all the executioners, trace their fate if possible, and raise the issue of bringing those, who live on the territory of other countries, to justice. We have identified more than 400 such persons in 18 countries. We will strive to ensure that they get the punishment they deserve,” Andrei Shved said.

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