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05 April 2024, 17:14

Belarus’ radioelectronic warfare school praised

Nikolai Buzin
Nikolai Buzin
MINSK, 5 April (BelTA) – Belarus has managed to preserve a strong school of radioelectronic warfare. Chairman of the Human Rights, National Relations, and Mass Media Commission of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, Doctor of Military Sciences, Professor Nikolai Buzin made the relevant statement in a new episode of BelTA’s YouTube project V Teme [On Point].
“Due to historic reasons Belarus had a very strong school of radioelectronic warfare and has managed to preserve it. It had a military component and we had the relevant specialists. In the times of the Soviet Union our specialists were mainly trained in Russia. In Cherepovets, in Voronezh, and a number of other cities where research institutes were located,” Nikolai Buzin said.

The expert pointed out that Belarus had inherited enough forces and assets from the Soviet Union in order to start developing radioelectronic warfare solutions in a timely manner. “A credit where credit is due: we had a powerful base in the form of Minsk Higher Air Defense Missile Engineering School. It had excellent engineers and scientists, who focused on ensuring military security of the state in various areas. Belarus had a very strong radio location school and a very strong antenna school in addition to an applied math school. All of it allowed consolidating efforts of scientists, getting them together, and channeling their efforts into accomplishing most important tasks,” he remarked.

According to Nikolai Buzin, the state should be primarily credited with this accomplishment. “It is an accomplishment of the country’s military organization with a contribution from the Defense Ministry, which saw this area in time and backed the people, who pursued research into this sphere,” the expert stressed.
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