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23 August 2022, 18:28

Belarus president's merch store opens at Moscow's VDNKh

MOSCOW, 23 August (BelTA) – All the stands at the Belarus pavilion that reopened at Moscow's VDNKh have drawn the attention of the participants of the ceremony and media representatives. But one stand aroused a particular interest: Belarus president's merch store. BelTA asked Tatiana Lugina, head of the Belarusian light industry concern Bellegprom, about why VDNKh was chosen for the launch of this project in Russia.

"Upon visiting Belarus president's merch store in Minsk, every delegation from Russia, or Russian tourists asked us to bring these products to Russia, saying that any region would welcome us. But we thought that it would probably be right to open it at the Belarus pavilion at VDNKh, a point of attraction for both Muscovites and guests of the Russian capital. In our opinion, it is right to enter the market of the Russian Federation here," said Tatiana Lugina.

She said that the line-up in Moscow is absolutely the same as in Minsk.

When asked whether they will make some products exclusive to Russia, Tatiana Lugina said: "First, we need to study customer preferences. This is what any business does in any market. We have brought the entire line-up, with all the quotes, all the photos. So let's see what will be most popular. But I got this feeling that the products featuring a portrait of the Belarusian president will be most popular. The analysis of the purchases made by foreign visitors in Minsk shows that the products with a portrait of the president sold most.”

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