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31 January 2024, 19:31

Belarus’ National Library celebrates Malevich with 1.10 Squares exhibition

MINSK, 30 January (BelTA) - The Belarusian National Library launched the exhibition 1.10 Squares dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Kazimir Malevich's Black Square, BelTA has learned.

The 1.10 Squares exhibition has been organized jointly with the Belarusian Union of Artists and is part of the joint project that will be running at several exhibition venues in Belarus throughout 2024. The project is dedicated to the anniversary of the fundamental symbol of the new art of the 20th century, the reference element of suprematism - Black Square by Kazimir Malevich. The exhibition presents works of Vitebsk artists inspired by Kazimir Malevich and suprematism.

"I think that every artist in Vitebsk feels obliged to dedicate at least one work to Kazimir Malevich because this is the city where the Paris School and suprematism were practically born. I think that the avant-garde of that time remains attractive today. We are trying to transform the avant-garde and show that at a certain point the Black Square broke through art and made it clear that it could be seen differently. Through a pixel, a dot or a screen, you can perceive the world in a completely different way," said Natalia Sharangovich, First Deputy Chair of the Belarusian Union of Artists.

"Artists living in Vitebsk today, who see themselves as heirs to Malevich's theory, are trying to look for something new. There are always a lot of different exhibitions and projects in Vitebsk. They present very different authors, but all of them make their art emotional on the one hand, and very philosophical on the other. In general, the art of the 20th and 21st centuries after Malevich is different as we began to try to read hidden meanings in it," Natalia Sharangovich pointed out.

"The title of the exhibition is very conceptual. So is its content. It is  an allusion to the 110th anniversary. It is also a reference to The Last Exhibition of Futurist Painting 0.10 held in St Petersburg in December 1915 where Kazimir Malevich presented his abstract works and the concept of suprematism.

 Zero symbolizes the absence of form, because the direction of suprematism implied a familiarity with painting without attention to the contours and volumes of the work. Moreover, 10 refers to the ten artists who were to take part in the 1915 exhibition. In the end there were six, but the name of the exhibition remained, explained Viktoria Kharitonova, the head of the art exhibitions department of the National Library of Belarus. 

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