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25 April 2024, 17:51

Belarus’ Military Doctrine to prompt revision of number of documents

MINSK, 25 April (BelTA) – The Defense Ministry and other military agencies of the country will soon carry out a serious revision of a number of documents on the basis of the newly adopted Military Doctrine, BelTA learned from Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin after the 7th Belarusian People’s Congress.

Viktor Khrenin said: “The Military Doctrine is an important strategic document for the country and, of course, for the military organization of the state. On the basis of this document we will soon carry out very serious, scrupulous work to revise a number of strategic documents such as the plans on defending the state, on building the Armed Forces, and a number of other confidential documents of huge significance for the defensive capability of our country, which will be adopted and worked out by military agencies.”

The Military Doctrine is a target-focused document, he reminded. “We are not talking about a potential threat. We point out regional ambitions of our neighbor Poland, for instance, to the entire world community. It doesn’t mean that we completely reject a dialogue with the country. On the contrary, we say that we don’t consider a single state as our enemy regardless of actions of their governments. We say we are ready for discussions, for a consensus, for looking for contact points in the course of enabling peace in our region,” the defense minister stressed.

Speaking about the National Security Concept, Viktor Khrenin noted it has become more understandable and adapted to current conditions. “It is the foundation. Including for the development of the Military Doctrine. These two documents are tightly connected with each other,” the official added.

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