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03 July 2022, 09:00

Belarus marks Independence Day

MINSK, 3 July (BelTA) – Today Belarus marks Independence Day, the main holiday of Belarusian statehood.

The decision to celebrate Independence Day on 3 July was adopted in a nationwide referendum on 24 November 1996. This holiday has become a symbol of the national revival of our state. It is marked on the day Minsk was liberated from the Nazi invaders – 3 July 1944.

Belarus was the first to bear the brunt of the Nazi war machine. Minsk suffered from merciless bombing and artillery bombardment on the second day of the war. The Nazi seized Minsk on 28 June. Since the very first days of the occupation Minsk fiercely fought against the enemy. 1,100 days of occupation equal 1,100 days of selfless, heroic fight against the Nazi invaders.

The Belarusian capital city was liberated from the Nazi invaders on 3 July 1944 as a result of the brilliant Belarusian strategic offensive operation through joint efforts of the 1st and 3rd Belarusian Fronts assisted by partisans. The day is celebrated as the day of liberation of the entire country.

Belarusians know the price of freedom: every third resident of Belarus died in the course of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

On July 3, the Belarusian nations pays tribute to the heroism and perseverance of soldiers, the selfless struggle of the underground fighters, the great labor feat of those who raised the country from ruins, built factories, houses and schools.

This year the festivities to mark independence Day will be held across the country.

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