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01 July 2021, 11:33

Belarus' BTRC comments on suspension of its membership in EBU

An archive photo
An archive photo

MINSK, 1 July (BelTA) – It is with a smile and some satisfaction that the Belarusian State Television and Radio Company (BTRC) has welcomed the long-awaited decision by the EBU, an organization that has never had its own opinion, to suspend cooperation, reads BTRC's official commentary posted on the ATN Telegram channel, BelTA informs.

“Every time we attended the EBU events, we were surprised to see that its participants were not interested in anything other than gender equality and threats from Russia. The EBU is a structure where everything is decided behind the scenes. And not behind the scenes of the EBU, as we have witnessed. We have many friends in the EBU and, of course, we have known for a long time that our membership in the organization was going to be suspended. At first we wanted to leave the union on our own. It would have been a smart move on our part, but we believe that any farce should mature to reach its climax. We wanted to see what pretext they would come up with to suspend our membership,” the Belarusian broadcaster said.

Of course, the EBU is fully aware that Western countries participated in the preparation of the coup in Belarus. “We all know that the EBU members, public broadcasters in a number of countries are stooges of the ruling elites. The way broadcasters from Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic cover Belarus is reminiscent of the worst years of American TV history. Please note that while brandishing the rules and principles of the EBU, the union turned a blind eye to the beating of our reporters during opposition rallies, harassment of our company's employees before the election, attacks on them, damage to personal property, publication of personal data and addresses. We do not need their protection, we can do it on our own, but nevertheless. We exposed the endless lies of Deutsche Welle, ARD, Lithuanian television but they ignored it, just like they ignored the fabricated story about women's marches by a Norwegian broadcaster, and a stream of low-quality sheer propaganda from one of the TVP channels (Belsat). We have recently debunked another fake of this presstitute outlet. The story about the ‘torture' of a taxi driver by law enforcement officers turned out to be a product of the sick imagination of a Belsat journalist who made the whole story up. The taxi driver read out the scripted story for €100,” the BTRC said in the statement.

BTRC promises to continue telling the truth about developments in the country and the world. “The truth about the attempted coup in Belarus, the violent nature of the protests, and the lies of the EBU members about it. We will show how the Dutch police use water cannons and horses to smash anti-lockdown protesters, how limbs are severed amid clashes with the French police at a rave party, how an unarmed woman is killed point-blank in the U.S. Capitol to be later declared a domestic terrorist for this, how opposition channels are shut down and journalists are killed in Ukraine, how Russian-language media outlets are closed in Latvia, how opposition journalists are branded as ‘spies' and imprisoned in Poland and the ruling party steals money earmarked to help immigrants from Belarus. We will save many millions of euros. We have also made the dream of the majority of Belarusians come true. No more Eurovision. We welcome all those who are already reaching out to us to take the place of the EBU,” the company said.

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