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23 September 2021, 12:18

Belarus' border service: Polish enforcers dump sick refugees, including children, at the border

Screenshot of the video of the State Border Committee
Screenshot of the video of the State Border Committee

MINSK, 23 September (BelTA) – Polish security officers force out sick and exhausted refugees, including children, the State Border Committee of Belarus told BelTA.

“On 22 September, border guards of the Podlipka outpost of the Grodno Border Group discovered two exhausted refugees, Iraqi citizens, at the Belarus-Poland border. As it turned out later, they were brothers. One of them could hardly move, because he said he seriously injured his legs in Poland. After assessing the situation, the Belarusian border guards called an ambulance,” the State Border Committee said.

Soon afterwards, another group of six refugees was found in the area controlled by the same outpost: a woman and a boy under five years old - citizens of Congo, and four citizens of Iraq, including two children aged five and 12 years.

In both cases, when these groups of the refugees were found, there were traces of expulsion of the foreigners on the plowed border strip on the Polish side of the border, and there were security forces in the adjacent territory.

The ambulance team that was nearby examined the second group of the refugees and revealed an ankle injury in the boy from Congo. It is possible that he sustained this injury while crossing the Polish barriers on the border line. The children from Iraq showed signs of hypothermia, dehydration and, possibly, poisoning.

The both refugee groups were taken to Grodno Oblast Hospital where they are receiving the necessary medical assistance. According to doctors, the condition of children is assessed as moderately severe. They were hospitalized in the pediatric department for further examination and treatment.

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