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29 November 2021, 14:22

Andreichenko: Belarus is a peaceful country, ready to help anyone in need

MINSK, 29 November (BelTA) - Belarus is a peaceful country that is ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it, Chairman of the House of Representatives Vladimir Andreichenko said during a joint online meeting of the Council and the 14th plenary session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Collective Security Treaty Organization on 29 November, BelTA has learned.

“We have not only given shelter to people who are forced to flee their countries in search of peace and security. We have given them a roof over their heads, food, and organized trips back home for those who wished to do so. To support those who found themselves in a difficult life situation, including children and pregnant women, Belarusian NGOs and simply kind-hearted Belarusians have united to provide help. Belarus proves by its actions that we are a peaceful country, ready to offer a helping hand to anyone who needs it,” said Vladimir Andreichenko.

According to the speaker, Western European officials only pay excursion visits to the border area, take pictures and help no one at all.

“The Polish authorities pretend that it was not their military that took part in the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. As if it is not the Polish security forces, in violation of all international and civilizational rules, who beat, fire tear gas and push back people who try to enter the EU in order to obtain refugee status. As if it was not them who deployed military contingents near our borders, including Leopard tanks, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles, becoming the spearhead of aggressive militarism and military hysteria against Belarus and Russia. Unlike the European Union, we are not pulling troops to our western borders. On the contrary, we do everything possible and sometimes impossible to prevent a humanitarian disaster on our borders,” said Vladimir Andreichenko.

The speaker added that what used to be risks for us are now becoming challenges and threats. “Provocations within the border area are possible, up to the use of lethal weapons against defenseless people. Ungrounded accusations against Belarus and Russia will also increase. Calls for new sanctions and restrictions, including the complete cessation of movement between the countries, can already be heard. We cannot regard it otherwise than as a desire to deprive Belarusian of the right to choose their own destiny and development path,” he said.

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