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17 January 2024, 11:57

Akulovich on BelTA’s Parallel Worlds project: ‘To demolish or to build? There is always a choice’

BelTA Director General Irina Akulovich
BelTA Director General Irina Akulovich
MINSK, 17 January (BelTA) – BelTA’s photo exhibition Parallel Worlds features the footage from the news agency's archives which reflects two worlds: the world of the state that is creation and development and the world of the opposition that is destruction and degradation, BelTA Director General Irina Akulovich told the media at a ceremony to unveil the exhibition at the National Library in Minsk on 17 January.

 "The exhibition includes 17 posters, 17 reflections on the two worlds and reasons to think. When selecting photos for the project, we, first of all, analyzed what has been done in our country over the past three decades and what has become of the opposition over the years. In fact, these photos are nothing more than the chronicle of our history, the history of Belarus over the past 30 years captured in the moment. We see development, creation, preservation and multiplication on one side. And destruction and degradation on the other," Irina Akulovich said. 

She drew attention to the slogans of the Belarusian opposition captured in the photos. Their slogans read: "There is no such thing as a welfare state", "No state, no problems". They are ready to destroy anything. At first, they made attempts to pretend that they stood for social justice, but quickly moved on to other narratives. Sale of state property, bullying everyone who is not with them, threats, as we all remember, even to children! Brandishing weapons at protests and even training terrorists who are indoctrinated to return back home to kill their own neighbors... All this is not our speculations or guesswork. It is a fact. You can see the whole path of the so-called Belarusian opposition in the photos on display here."                                     

"Do such people need the state? Those who do not create anything, but only destroy? Yet, many of them demand high-quality services for themselves in a free clinic, free schools for their children, discount fare for schoolchildren, and as practice shows, they also want housing at an adequate price subsidized by the government," Irina Akulovich said. 
Fortunately, such hypocritical people did not receive power from the people, she added. Therefore, the majority of Belarusians today live a quiet life: they raise children, respecting family traditions and protecting their cultural national values, honor heroes, plant and harvest, ramp up production, make scientific discoveries, conquer space and sincerely love their Motherland, their Belarus.

"These are the two parallel worlds that we have presented at the exhibition today. Two ways. There is always a choice, it is always up to each of us," Irina Akulovich summed up. 

The photo exhibition Parallel Worlds on the 22nd floor (observation deck) of the National Library of Belarus will be running from 17 to 21 January. Entry is free.
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