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25 March 2024, 21:51

Academy of Sciences representative ecstatic about Belarus’ first cosmonaut’s arrival at ISS

A photo of the Roscosmos video feed
A photo of the Roscosmos video feed
KOROLYOV, 25 March (BelTA) – Deputy Head of the Aerospace Activities Department of the National Academy of Sciences Ivan Bucha welcomed the arrival of Belarus’ first cosmonaut Marina Vasilevskaya at the International Space Station quite emotionally, BelTA has learned.

“Marina, the beautiful Belarusian flag and the emblem are on your chest. We are proud and happy! We’ve done it!” Ivan Bucha exclaimed in Roscosmos’ mission control center during the first communication session with the ISS after the manned crew transfer vehicle Soyuz MS-25 docked at the station.

Ivan Bucha warmly greeted the newest additions to the ISS crew, including NASA representatives. He wished them comfortable and useful stay at the station. “You have a tightly knit and beautiful collective,” he stated.

“I wish you all the best!” Ivan Bucha wished the cosmonauts.
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