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22 June 2024, 07:19

About 20,000 people attend commemorative ceremony in Brest Fortress

 BREST, 22 June (BelTA) - The Brest Hero Fortress memorial complex hosted a commemorative ceremony "Be worthy of the memory of the fallen" dedicated to the Day of National Remembrance of the Victims of the Great Patriotic War and the Genocide of the Belarusian People on 22 June. About 20,000 people took part in the event, BelTA has learned. 

About 40 official delegations arrived in Brest for the events to mark the 83rd anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. They came from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Leningrad, Orel, Penza, Chechnya, and Bashkortostan. Many Brest residents consider it their duty to come to Brest Fortress on the night of 22 June. There were many guests from far abroad. 

Among the guests of honor was Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko. In his speech, he stressed that Belarusians carefully preserve and protect the memory of all those who won peace, freedom and independence for us. The atrocities committed by the Nazis on the Belarusian land are an open wound of the Belarusian people.
State Secretary of the Union State Dmitry Mezentsev noted that this year is special for Belarus. The country celebrates the 80th anniversary of liberation from the Nazi invaders. "This year is special for all Russians too. Victory is indivisible. Victory is one for the entire Soviet people. In the heroic Brest Fortress, you once again realize the scale of the feat, sacrifices and sufferings that the Soviet people endured. Let the people in Europe who are busy demolishing our monuments, erasing our history, calling us to stop remembering the war, listen to how thousands of hearts beat in the same rhythm here today," Dmitry Mezentsev said. 

This year’s theatrical performance featured four blocks that took the audience from the present to the past. About 1,000 people were involved in the night theatrical program including adult and young artists, military personnel, military-historical re-enactors. By tradition, the border guards lit a torch from the Eternal Flame and delivered it on an armored personnel carrier to the bank of the Western Bug. Wreaths with burning candles were set on the water as a symbol of the unquenchable memory of the heroic feat of the defenders of the citadel. 
Members of the delegations, guests of honor laid flowers at the Eternal Flame and the slabs of the necropolis. The participants observed a minute of silence to honor the memory of the soldiers who died in battles, all the victims of the Great Patriotic War.

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