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04 November 2022, 14:00

A historic day in Minsk World and best October deals

The International Financial Center is writing history, as it will put our country on the world map and will be a pride of future generations. A capsule laying ceremony was held today.

Director of Dana Astra Pavel Ovcharov comments on this landmark event

Director of Dana Astra Pavel Ovcharov

"Today Dana Astra has launched another – new! — stage in its Minsk World project. We have started concreting a monolithic slab of the main building of the International Financial Center. The building of the International Financial Center will have 42 stories and will be180 meters high. Only Belarusian builders are working at this site today. We make our contribution to the economy of the Republic of Belarus. And we use only Belarusian materials."

Laying a capsule in the building of the International Financial Center

"The general designer of this tallest building of the Republic of Belarus is the design division Dana Astra. All verification estimates and scientific support have been provided by BelNIIS Institute. The monitoring system for this sophisticated building is supervised by the Institute of Applied Physics at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. It should be noted that the project is using the materials and technologies that have not yet been applied in Belarus. Formulation of concrete is very compound. It is planned that the work at the facility will be carried out 24/7. By the end of the year, we plan to build 8-10 floors of the central building. Next to the International Financial Center, there will be build Avia Mall, the country's largest shopping and entertainment center, forming a single architectural ensemble with the IFC. Next year we plan to complete Avia Mall and put it into operation."

Avia Mall and IFC Towers

Avia Mall is the largest shopping and entertainment center in the Republic of Belarus. One of its exits will be integrated with the lobby of the Aerodromnaya metro station. The opening of this station of the Zelenoluzhskaya metro line is tentatively scheduled for 2023. The main monolithic works on Aerodromnaya have already been completed. Finishing works are in progress. Some of them are already over. Now is the time for the isntallaiton of electrical and ventilation equipment. All in all, about 100 people are working on-site.

Welcome to the Minsk World multifunctional complex, with best October deals in the Western Europe quarter.

It offers:

· • great prices

· affordable loans with interest rates starting from 11.87%

· long-term loans are available

Western Europe quarter

Minsk World is being built on the former runways of the first Belarusian airport. The construction site occupies ​​340 hectares, which makes the complex the largest construction project in Europe. This project boasts a team of seasoned professionals who are implementing advanced urban planning concepts and using the best architectural solutions from around the world.

The ‘15-minute city' concept means that you will not have to waste your time on moving around the city to get to kindergartens and schools, malls or business centers. Everything that young and adult residents of the complex might need is located within the modern and safe quarters of the complex or in the stylobates of houses, that is, on the first floors of elegant new buildings.

Cafeterias, bakeries, small shops, pharmacies will open here!

The Western Europe quarter has or will have:

• 14 modern 25-story houses named after legendary cities of the world

• a modern polyclinic

• two kindergartens for 230 kids each

• a music school

• a library

• a commercial and community building with an overground parking garage.

Autumn is the time when we turn more attention to our health and try to boost our immune system before winter sets in. The Western Europe quarter, just like other quarters of the complex, has sports facilities a step away from your home:

·a workout area

• a stadium and a tennis court

• colorful and eco-friendly playgrounds

This is exactly what we need (regardless of age and current fitness level!) to boost our immunity.

Minsk World is a place where you will be in good shape all year round!

Children's safety is taken very seriously in Minsk World. Children's towns are located in the adjacent territory of the quarter, where there is no transit traffic of vehicles. One of the exits of houses leads to children's playgrounds and places where adults can relax, and the second exit leads to the parking lot with a direct access to the adjacent highway.

Playgrounds and a green area near the London, Marseille and Paris houses

Apartments in the London and Madrid houses went on sale in October!!

23 out of 25 floors of the London house will feature apartments. The first two floors will boast commercial facilities. The houses of the Western Europe quarter will be a profitable location for startups and business expansion. Businessmen, who have chosen the stylobates of the new houses as a point of growth for their business, say that among their clients are not only residents of the quarters but also those who come to the area to get familiar with the unique standards of the urban infrastructure and to assess the prospects of buying housing here. You also have an opportunity to make an application on the site and go on a free tour of Minsk World at any convenient time!

The main entrance to the London house features flowerpots and benches nearby

Comfort in the new houses of Minsk World begins at the ground-level entrance. Instead of the traditional interior of the entrances that most of us are used to, you will find yourself in a spacious (69m2) lobby, where you will be greeted by a smiling concierge. The lobby also has a lounge area for visitors and space to store prams and bikes.

Designer lobby of the London house

Mothers will be able to take care of their babies in the sanitary room. There is a changing table there. Pet owners will appreciate the opportunity to keep their apartments clean making the use of a paw washer on the first floor. There are also storage rooms in the basement. They are separated from the technical premises.

A soft sofa, a fake fireplace, a book in hand...

You will enjoy coming back to your apartment in high-speed low-noise elevators. One of them will be panoramic, overlooking the beautiful architecture of the complex and amazing urban landscapes of the developing Belarusian capital.

London house in the ensemble of nearby houses

Residents will enjoy the same wonderful view from the panoramic (floor to ceiling) windows of their apartments. The size of apartments in the London house varies from 27.8m2 to 76.9m2. Minsk World houses offer shell and core apartments. You can realize any interior idea and create as many rooms as you need.

Do you prefer Spanish romance to British aesthetics? Sales in 25-storey Madrid house have been launched in the Western Europe quarter!

· apartments with the area varying from 28m2 to 75m2

· ceilings are 2.72m high (3m high on the 25th floor)

· six separate entrances for business facilities on the 1st floor

· no walls – the opportunity to design your space and decide on the number of rooms you need

· panoramic windows – to let in a lot of natural light to raise your spirits, provide you with an opportunity to save on electricity all year round, and make your apartment visually wider.

Residents of this house will be greeted by a spacious lobby with a ceiling height of 3.6m. It resembles the foyer of a respectable hotel. The lobby has two entrances. Entrances/exits lead to the adjacent territory (for the safety of children) and to a parking lot (for the convenience of motorists). There are ramps for people with disabilities, mothers with strollers, cyclists. After all, true comfort has no limits!

Designer lobby of the Madrid house

The designer lobby is set in saturated, rich colors. The image of the sun-drenched streets of Madrid will energize you every day like the rhythms of the Spanish national flamenco dance.

A place for rest, booksharing, a toilet room with a changing table and a paw washer

Today the best architects and urban planners are working to create the Western Europe quarter and after a while two new centers of attraction for those who have long been looking for a dream home or a place for successful business development will appear on the map of the multifunctional complex Minsk World. They are called London and Madrid.

The Madrid house in the architectural ensemble of the Western Europe quarter

Would you like to invest in square meters of prestigious real state, which value only rises as transport infrastructure, business infrastructure, housing, and commercial infrastructure develops? Now is the best time. Minsk World is particularly beautiful in autumn.

Emirates quarter

Southern Europe quarter

Eurasia quarter

Asia quarter

Welcome to Minsk World! Here you can find:

  • Attractive prices

  • Loan offers from partner banks starting at 11:87%

  • Long-term installment plans

Installment plans have become even more affordable in certain objects of Minsk World under construction with an area of up to 32m2! The monthly payment starts at Br750!

In finished houses and houses under construction

  • special offers are available that allow doctors and nurses, school teachers, professors of colleges and universities, IT specialists, athletes who have been awarded at international and national competitions, as well as disabled people, to purchase real estate with a 3% discount.

  • corporate clients also receive a 3% discount if they pay 100% of the cost with their own money and the 3% corporate discount also applies to installments if the corporate client purchases objects in houses under construction

  • those who sell their old housing through partner agencies of the group of real estate development companies receive an additional discount if they pay 100% of the cost as part of the promo “Seize the moment! Move to a new house!”

A unique promo is still available in the Emirates quarter. You can get a profitable package deal here. If you buy real estate in the Volna house, you get prestigious apartments and parking space in a parking garage!

The short numbers are 7675 and 7911 (the landline numbers are +375 17 269−32−90, +375 17 39−39−465, +375 17 38-81-719). Welcome to the offices located at 9 Mstislavtsa Street and 11 Mstislavtsa Street! Representatives of the group of real estate development companies look forward to your visits and calls in 57 towns and cities across Belarus.

Minsk World. Dreams come true here!

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