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29 July 2020, 13:09

32 militants of foreign private military company apprehended near Minsk

MINSK, 29 July (BelTA) – As many as 32 militants of the Vagner foreign private military company were apprehended by Belarusian law enforcement officers near Minsk this night. Apart from that, another person was detected and apprehended in the country's south, BelTA has learned.

Representatives of law enforcement agencies told BelTA that information had been received that over 200 militants had arrived in Belarus in order to destabilize the situation during the period of the election campaign. Every Russian militant carried small hand luggage. The group also had three big heavy suitcases that several men were loading into a vehicle.

The group arrived in Minsk on the night of 24-25 July and stayed at a hotel in the Belarusian capital city. The group had to check out on 25 July, however, they left the hotel on 27 July and moved to a sanatorium in Minsk District.

According to the sanatorium administration, the guests drew attention to themselves because they did not behave like Russian tourists usually do and wore military-style clothing. They did not drink alcohol, did not seek places of entertainment, kept to themselves and tried not to draw attention. Operating in small groups, they thoroughly examined the territory of the sanatorium and the surrounding area. This night 32 people were apprehended by the A team of the State Security Committee (KGB) with assistance of the Minsk City Police Department's SWAT teams. Apart from that, another person was detected and apprehended in the country's south. The Investigative Committee is examining their actions now.

BelTA came into possession of a list of names of the apprehended citizens of the Russian Federation:

1. Milayev, Arem Viktorovich, born on 1 February 1981;

2. Bakhtigarayev, Takhir Minigayanovich, born on 18 April 1980;

3. Altukhov, Aleksandr Viktorovich, born on 18 April 1980;

4. Li, Vladimir Aleksandrovich, born on 26 July 1989;

5. Kozhevnikov, Andrei Yuryevich, born on 16 January 1980;

6. Sapronov, Aleksei Vladimirovich, born on 8 July 1978;

7. Shcherbakov, Sergei Vladimirovich, born on 21 July 1981;

8. Volgin, Aleksei Vladimirovich, born on 21 June 1975;

9. Driga, Oleg Igorevich, born on 3 June 1986;

10. Pavlenko, Sergei Grigoryevich, born on 25 June 1976;

11. Rudenko, Aleksandr Svyatoslavovich, born on 26 December 1984;

12. Kharitonov, Denis Yuryevich, born on 16 March 1980;

13. Sidorov, Sergei Aleksandrovich, born on 1 January 1972;

14. Koshman, Maksim Yaroslavovich, born on 6 September 1981;

15. Bubnov, Sergei Gennadyevich, born on 8 January 1971;

16. Nizhnik, Pavel Aleksandrovich, born on 24 June 1987;

17. Selikhov, Vladimir Ivanovich, born on 4 October 1986;

18. Fetisov, Gennady Yevgenyevich, born on 22 October 1986;

19. Fomin, Mikhail Nikolayevich, born on 7 March 1973;

20. Yekimov, Vladimir Sergeyevich, born on 19 October 1973;

21. Karimov, Rinat, born on 15 August 1984;

22. Shubin, Aleksandr, born on 15 January 1996;

23. Shelomentsev, Igor, born on 18 August 1975;

24. Maslov, Sergei Alekseyevich, born on 29 September 1988;

25. Zaidulen, Rustem, born on 6 October 1974;

26. Tokarenko, Andrei Viktorovich, born on 24 January 1965;

27. Serdyukov, Andrei Viktorovich, born on 16 August 1975;

28. Sergeyev, Fyodor Mikhailovich, born on 17 May 1987;

29. Tanov, Rafik Kabulovich, born on 30 April 1975;

30. Zyablitsev, Yevgeny Sergeyevich, born on 23 November 1992;

31. Samarin, Pavel Lvovich, born on 11 November 1981;

32. Bakunovich, Andrei Petrovich, born on 30 December 1977;

33. Shatsky, Artyom, born on 30 July 1982.

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