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Gender equality named one of Belarus' sustainable development goals
14 November, 15:55
In the Global Gender Gap 2017 Report of the World Economic Forum Belarus ranked 26th out of 144 countries, up four positions in the global gender equality index from 2016. Women strive for financial independence, rely on a successful career.
Irina Kostevich
Call to make family values campaign continuous in Belarus
14 November, 15:45
“We need to talk more about the importance of the family. The family is the basis of any society. Our country has been taking great efforts to enhance the prestige of the traditional family, its values, support families with children,” said Irina Kostevich.
Minsk Card to feature over 1,000 facilities by new tourist season
14 November, 15:08
By the start of the new tourist season, the Minsk Card will incorporate over 1,000 museums, galleries, retail outlets, rentals, and hotels of Belarus, The number of museums and galleries rose from 55 to over 90.
Boris Vasiliev
Minsk Card for 2nd European Games to be issued by 1 December
14 November, 13:56
The special edition of the Minsk Card will be valid for 14 days and will feature Belarus' most popular historical sites. It will help schedule an unassisted trip across Minsk, Minsk Oblast and the country in general.
Albert Druzhinin
CIS measures to bolster stability, security emphasized
14 November, 13:20
According to the source, the Commonwealth of Independent States has been taking measures to bolster stability and security and jointly counteract modern challenges and threats since its inception. The CIS council of heads of financial intelligence services plays an important role in it.
Opinion: Belarus is low-risk country for terrorism financing
14 November, 12:07
Together with our colleagues we monitor possible ways of money transfer, because the beneficiary may reside in another country while Belarus may be used as a transit conduit. This is what the council has been set up for, namely to maintain cooperation between relevant authorities of the CIS countries, Vyacheslav Reut said.
Partisan Chronicles: Legendary Commander Filipskikh and his men
14 November, 11:15
In 1941 a military unit, where Evgeny Filipskikh served as a political instructor, was encircled. He put together a small team of Red Army soldiers who made several unsuccessful attempts to break through the front line.
Ordinary activities detected at North Korea missile base
14 November, 10:48
South Korea's spy agency said Wednesday that North Korea is showing usual levels of activity at a missile base that came under international spotlight following allegations that it is one of the North's hidden, "undeclared" missile sites.
An archive photo
Eurasian Mining and Geology Forum kicks off in Minsk
14 November, 09:22
Taking part in the forum will be about 300 people from 17 countries of the CIS, Europe and Asia, including Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Germany, and Poland. The forum will be broadcast online.
An archive photo
Brest Oblast tourism industry to be presented at TT Warsaw travel fair
14 November, 09:09
The delegation of Brest Oblast will include representatives of the regional tourism authority, Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park, health resorts Nadzeya (Zhabinka District) and Ruzhansky (Pruzhany District), Hermitage Hotel.
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