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Friday, 28 February 2020
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Aleksandr Lukashenko and Mikhail Myasnikovich
Lukashenko: Belarus ready for real integration, but without coercion “We are, as always, committed to real integration, not coercion to integration (a new term has emerged in the union – “coercion to integration”). Weirdly, it began with coercion of Belarus to integration. You understand what I mean,” the Belarusian leader said.
Belarus president sets goals for newly appointed KGB, Internal Affairs Ministry officials
Aleksandr Lukashenko's actions in this instance were not limited to only signing the paperwork. The head of state talked to top officials of the State Secretariat of the Security Council, the Internal Affairs Ministry, and the KGB, and the newly appointed officials to find out the state of affairs in the spheres they oversee, the degree of competence, and previous experience.
Joanna Kazana-Wisniowiecki and Vladimir Andreichenko Belarus' MPs hope to meet with UN secretary general in Vienna in August
"There is plenty to talk about, including the Belarusian president's initiative to set up a belt of digital good neighborliness, environmental issues, and green economy,” Chairman of the House of Representatives Vladimir Andreichenko noted.
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A Belneftekhim office. An archive photo More Russian oil keeps flowing to Belarus
Speaking about mass media speculations about possible oil acquisitions from Rosneft and Tatneft, Aleksandr Tishchenko noted that no negotiations on oil deliveries in March are in progress with these companies.
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