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Lukashenko views loss of grain during harvesting as economic sabotage Aleksandr Lukashenko warned: “Loss of grain in the field will be considered at least as an economic diversion and at most as a crime. No more joking.”
Lukashenko discusses changes to state asset management procedures
Chairman of the State Property Committee Dmitry Matusevich noted that the draft decree establishes uniform approaches to the management of state property and property of businesses with a state share. He explained that this pertains to real estate, buildings, houses, enterprises, factories, roads and so on.
An archive photo Opinion: Westerners have the wrong idea of Belarus due to NATO
"I am sure that as time goes by, this erroneous opinion will be washed away from European minds and Europeans will take a sober look at the things that are happening now,” Davide Rossi said.
News agency News of Belarus today
Belarus launches national pavilion on Chinese online platforms Jingdong, Douyin
The event is an initiative of the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone. The initiative is intended to stimulate trade cooperation between the two countries. The project is designed to step up economic activity and advance bilateral trade.
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