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22 August 2022, 11:04

Yuri Nazarov introduced as new head of the Belarus President Property Management Directorate

MINSK, 22 August (BelTA) – Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko introduced Yuri Nazarov as the new chairman of the Belarus President Property Management Directorate on 22 August, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said that Yuri Nazarov is not a newcomer: he worked as deputy chairman of the Belarus President Property Management Directorate in 2010-2013.

“I had a number of conversations with him before his appointment and we agreed that while I was on a business trip he would get familiar with the current state of affairs and, if necessary, with the personnel. We did as we agreed,” said the president. “The Belarus President Property Management Directorate is a special body in the Belarusian government. It also deals with issues of national importance, and the chairman of the Belarus President Property Management Directorate is on the top of the personnel register as the highest official. It means that he in charge of everything - all the tasks that have to be solved in Belarus,” the head of state added.

The head of state expressed confidence that Yuri Nazarov, as a person with a great experience in government activities, would organize the work of the Directorate at a high level. “Your organizations should become an example in labor performance discipline, as well as a model of order in the assigned territories. From me and from all of you, let us wish your chief, Yuri Viktorovich, success on this path,” the Belarusian leader stressed.

In turn, Yuri Nazarov thanked for the trust placed in him. He noted that he is well familiar with many employees of the Directorate as he was deputy chairman of the Directorate for some time. He added that “there is no need to delve into something or study something anew”. He admitted though that it would take some time for him to get more involved in agriculture, since it is an important field of activity for the Directorate which is in charge of about 70,000 hectares of arable land. Yuri Nazarov has already talked to the head of the agro-industrial complex of the Directorate. “He is a strong manager. I think we will work well together,” Yuri Nazarov described him. As an example of successful activities he cited the Narochansky National Park, which, despite its location in the north of Minsk Oblast, gives good results in agriculture and secures quite high yields.

“I am sure that the team is quite efficient. I know your requirements to the heads of enterprises and I assure you that we will fulfill any tasks set forth,” Yuri Nazarov said addressing the president.

As BelTA reported earlier, on 16 August Aleksandr Lukashenko made a number of personnel decisions, including in the Belarus President Property Management Directorate. Valery Ivanov, who had been the head of the directorate for a little over a year, addressed the head of state with a request for a transfer to another job. Aleksandr Lukashenko supported this request.

In his previous role as deputy prime minister, Yuri Nazarov was in charge of mechanical engineering, petrochemical industry, woodworking and science.

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