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14 December 2021, 19:32

Unexpected beginning of Lukashenko's meeting with Mogilev Oblast senior officials

MINSK, 14 December (BelTA) – Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko met with senior officials of Mogilev Oblast on 14 December. The head of state was supposed to present the new Mogilev Oblast governor first but the event did not start according to the script, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said at the beginning: “I don't think we have something to hide from each other. Let's talk about items of current interest on today's agenda, about our life. I think everyone will be interested in learning what our Mogilev Oblast breathes from within.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko
Aleksandr Lukashenko

Chief of the KGB's Mogilev Oblast branch Igor Pavlyushchenko was invited to present his report first. He briefly sketched out the social and political situation in the region and responses to new challenges and threats to security. He said: “At present the social and political situation in the region is stable and controllable on the whole. Taking into account the work we've done over the past year we've suppressed the centers of activity that we'd previously noticed. We believe municipal authorities, directors of enterprises should work on and respond to so-called triggers concerning social and economic problems in the region.”

According to Igor Pavlyushchenko, the situation in worker collectives is the most sensitive problem in the region. “If we contain it at the current level, I believe we won't face any unexpected things,” he said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “You have calmed down to an extent. Yes, people in Mogilev Oblast seemingly did not shout as much but you have to understand that what we saw last year is only the tip of the iceberg. The things below that depend on the social and economic development, standards, and accomplishments of Mogilev Oblast. We cannot allow [last year's events] to be repeated. We don't want to run around with assault rifles once again.”

Chief of the Mogilev Oblast Police Department Igor Shcherbachenya also presented his vision of the situation. In his words, police efforts are now aimed at suppressing destructive activities and finding those participating in extremist activities. “We are working hard in order to prevent terrorist manifestations later on,” the officer said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko wondered what district in Mogilev Oblast is the biggest concern from the point of view of the crime situation. Igor Shcherbachenya said that police primarily focuses on the city of Mogilev and Bobruisk District.

The head of state drew attention to the problem of the loss of cattle. He reminded he had also given the relevant instructions to law enforcement agencies after criminal schemes had been found at enterprises. “I once said we will not put things into order without police. If you don't get involved, if you don't put all the local lazybones and thieves where they belong while disregarding faces and ranks, no good will come of it,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.

The president asked Deputy Chairman of the Mogilev Oblast Executive Committee Valery Malashko about the epidemic situation. In his words, the COVID-19 incidence rate is decreasing. Valery Malashko attributed the positive trend to efforts to raise the population's awareness about prevention measures. Apart from that, 50% of Mogilev Oblast's population has already been vaccinated with the first component of the vaccine.

Valery Malashko said: “We have to follow our own way while understanding what is going on in the world and while evaluating the situation our country lives in. Time has demonstrated that we've won this battle by introducing timely prevention measures, by providing healthcare institutions with the necessary equipment, and by training the personnel.”

However, Valery Malashko noted that flu cases have become more frequent lately. The overall situation is developing in a positive manner.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “Yes, this COVID has cost us a lot. Among other things the population was scared, particularly during the first wave. It is difficult to walk alone when you get all the blame.”

The head of OAO Mogilevkhimvolokno Piotr Rudnik presented his report, too. He informed those present about the situation at the enterprise, including modernization, manufacturing of new products, efforts to ensure profitable operation.

The head of state asked the Mogilevkhimvolokno director general about the state of affairs in detail and asked a metaphorical question: “Does Mogilevkhimvolokno seem to be more alive or more dead?”

“My workers say it has been resuscitated,” the head of the enterprise said in response. In his words, the enterprise greatly increased output last year, operates in the black and earns profits.

Further growth requires modernization of the manufacturing facilities. Piotr Rudnik pointed it out: “We cannot get far with the old technologies. Modernization is necessary.” The cost of energy resources was also mentioned as a matter of current interest for the enterprise. The director general invited the president to visit the enterprise in order to discuss ways to resolve existing problems and sketch out Mogilevkhimvolokno's ways of development. “Let's visit it. But in a way to produce results,” the head of state responded and gave instructions to add the visit to his work schedule.

BelTA reported earlier that Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko arrived in Mogilev in order to present Anatoly Isachenko as the new Mogilev Oblast governor before senior Mogilev Oblast officials.

Over 400 people were invited to attend today's meeting. The Mogilev Oblast Council of Deputies approved Anatoly Isachenko as the chairman of the Mogilev Oblast Executive Committee earlier today.

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