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11 October 2015, 13:54

Lukashenko: What the winning candidate brings out of the election is important

MINSK, 11 October (BelTA) – The legacy that the winning candidate will bring out of the election is important, BelTA learned from Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko on 11 October.

One of the reporters noted that the election could have been cancelled due to the state of affairs in the Belarusian economy. Alexander Lukashenko responded by saying: “Who told you this crisis is so bad?” Yet the head of state noted that some people would have applauded such a decision.

“We are a democratic country and we go ahead with elections. Organizing elections is what matters,” stated the President. “Because people choose their government today. You know the president's authority in Belarus. An election is a very important process and is the nation's right.”

In his opinion, the legacy the winner will bring out of the presidential race is important. “It will be bad if fewer people cast their votes in comparison with the previous election. It will mean that people are starting to abandon me and some people are dissatisfied with my policy. This is why it is important for me: if Lukashenko wins, he will preserve what there was during the previous election. I am not sending any signals, the election goes on, it will influence nothing,” stressed the head of state.

Alexander Lukashenko went on saying: “Keeping it in mind, the result any president brings out of this election is very important for Poland, Russia, the European Union, and America. It is important whether they are going to talk to the person that enjoys overwhelming support of the Belarusian nation or with a person that has barely managed to win the election.” The head of state reminded that he was part of the opposition during the first presidential election and won 83% of the vote in the second round of the election. Virtually two thirds of the nation. “I've been able to preserve this level. It represents strong support. Taking to other presidents I always keep in mind how big a percentage of my counterpart's nation supported him or her because it is very important,” said the President.

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