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21 January 2022, 14:22

Lukashenko warns West against attempts to invade Belarus-Russia Union State

LUNINETS, 21 January (BelTA) – Border protection is an important part of the Union State security, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko told reporters after inspecting military facilities in Luninets District on 21 January, BelTA has learned.

“Our security relies on our ability to protect our borders and defend ourselves,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The head of state noted that as the Belarusian president and chairman of the Union State Supreme State Council, he wants to emphasize that Belarus and Russia do not want any war. “I think the leadership of Russia will also understand me. What I will say will probably chime in with their position. We don't want any war. Not only because it is hard and bad, it is not just discomfort - it is a horrible experience for all, not only the military. If a war breaks out, it will affect everyone. This is why we don't want to fight. We don't want this also because we still remember the war on our land that ended seven decades ago,” the Belarusian leader said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized that if they start amassing troops against the Union State, imposing various kinds of sanctions to put the Union State on the brink of survival, intimidating and threatening, then Belarus and Russia will take action and their response will be ‘tough enough for the other side to regret it big time'.

“Therefore, do not mess with us. It is impossible to defeat us. We are invincible because of our spirit and territory stretching from Brest to Vladivostok. Many have already tried and failed. Therefore, do to mess with us. We do not claim other countries' territory, we have enough of our own. We want to retain it and make it a better place. These are our goals. Yet, I repeat once again, if someone has not got my point: you will regret it big time. I am not threatening, I am just warning,” the head of state said.

As it has been reported, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko approved the plan of the Allied Resolve 2022 joint operational exercise of the Armed Forces of Belarus and Russia on 17 January. The exercise is scheduled for 10-12 February and will be part of the effort to assess the capabilities of the response forces of the Union State. The troops will practice joint operations at the Obuz-Lesnovsky, Osipovichsky, Brestsky, Gozhsky and Domanovsky training grounds and also at some terrain sections in Belarus. The exercise will also involve the airfields in Baranovichi, Luninets, Lida and Machulishchi.

"The Russian president and I agreed in December last year to hold snap exercises on the western border of the Union State and on the southern border of Belarus, which is also the border of the Union State. Today we see the need to hold full-scale exercises in the western and southern regions," Aleksandr Lukashenko said when meeting with the military top brass on 17 January.

The head of state noted that more than 30,000 troops, hardware and weapons have been amassed in Poland and the Baltic states near the Belarusian border.

“Moreover, Warsaw asked NATO to deploy a multi-tier logistics and engineering support system in the region. We immediately ask the question: What for?” the president said. According to him, there can only be one conclusion. They are getting ready for something serious.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said that the situation on the southern border was also alarming. There is an ongoing build-up of the military contingent in Ukraine.

The Allied Resolve 2022 joint exercise will drill reinforcing state border sections in areas of potential illegal penetration of armed groups into Belarus and shutting down channels of the supply of arms, munitions and other means and also searching for, blocking and eliminating outlawed armed militants and enemy subversive and reconnaissance groups. The exercise will also highlight certain issues of post-conflict settlement.

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