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13 June 2024, 13:16

Lukashenko wants Public Administration Academy reformed

MINSK, 13 June (BelTA) – It is necessary to reform the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Belarus. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko gave the relevant instruction as he appointed Igor Buzovsky the academy’s rector on 13 June, BelTA has learned.

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “It is necessary to reform the academy. Only those, who need to study at the academy, should study there. The people the state needs. People in the president’s personnel pool or somewhere else don’t have to study there for no reason. Some have graduated from the Public Administration Academy. I know them quite well. They didn’t even need to study there. They work well or bad without the academy. Why did we have to teach them and waste money on it? This is why it is necessary to get in touch with the [Belarus President] Administration in order to work out a clear-cut system to determine who should study at the academy. The selection process should resemble admittance to the Communist Party or the hunting society in the past. It was next to impossible to join.”

First Deputy Head of the Belarus President Administration Maksim Ryzhenkov said that for the last two years all the graduates of the academy, who have completed the first education degree, have been assigned jobs in state-owned bodies and organizations. In his words, employers even get in line to hire them. Every year the academy admits 100 people, whose education will be covered by the state budget. They are called “the golden hundred”, figuratively speaking.

“It is good that all of them are worthy employment in the civil service. The golden hundred is the right phrase for it. They should be exceptional people. Patriots through and through. It is the first stage. The second education comes later. The selection process should be even tougher. If someone wants it or you want someone to get it, the first question you have to ask is whether the person needs to study there. Some may need this education in the future but there is no need to push everyone to get it,” the president demanded.

It is necessary to approach personnel retraining, career enhancement at the Public Administration Academy in the most principled manner as well, the head of state added.

“And all of us should be invited to teach and lecture at this academy in various formats. A civil servant should frequent the academy all the time. I am not saying they should lecture there. But any civil servant (let alone Ryzhenkov, Lukashenko, or [Prime Minister of Belarus Roman] Golovchenko) is well-informed and has extensive experience. It is very important to pass it on to our students at the academy. This is why it is necessary to put things right here as well,” Aleksandr Lukashenko made another demand.

“Never mind other things, internal things concerning the academy. This is why I had strong doubts when various candidates were nominated, including you. Because we cannot afford a mistake. But we’ve chosen you to do the job. This is why I want you to feel this responsibility for your future work. But it won’t be easy, I warn you right away,” the president concluded.

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