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26 October 2021, 11:10

Lukashenko wants MRT shortage in Grodno Oblast solved next year

The head of state was briefed that there are five MRT scanners in Grodno and one in Ostrovets. This equipment is needed in Lida and Volkovysk.

“You are the world's only physician-governor and this problem needs to be addressed next year. If you need help, just ask me. There is no diagnosis, treatment without MRT,” Aleksandr Lukashenko told Grodno Oblast Governor Vladimir Karanik.

In the hospital, the Gomel Oblast governor reported to the head of state on the epidemiological situation and the organization of all types of medical care in the region. The incidence of coronavirus infection in the region has decreased by 6.5% over the past two weeks.

Currently, approximately 3,400 beds, or 35% of the available bedspace, have been allocated for the treatment and rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients. Repurposing is carried out in stages as the need arises. Routine assistance of all types is provided. Healthcare facilities in the region are fully stocked with artificial lung ventilators, oxygen points (1,725).

“We consider the maximum incidence during the first wave. Today, Grodno Oblast is far from that maximum level: it has been 80% so far. The only oblast in the country. Minsk is staying at about 101%, slightly above that level,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.

The president also spoke about oxygen supply to hospitals. He pointed out that fake news is spread about the lack of oxygen for patients in medical institutions. “Only 52% of oxygen points are occupied at present. How can it be that there are not enough oxygen points?” the head of state said.

The situation is almost the same with lung ventilators: half of the available lung ventilators have been allocated for patients with COVID-19 in Grodno Oblast. Of them half, only 44%, or 23% of the total is now in use.

Vadim Trubchik, chief doctor of Lida District Hospital, updated the president on the operation of the hospital amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Lida District Hospital has 11 inter-district in-patient departments. The total bed capacity is 1,052 beds, of which 862 are located in Lida.

Of the beds repurposed to treat patients with COVID-19, 198 are in the obstetric unit, 30 - in the therapeutic unit, 80 - in the pulmonological unit and another 30 - in the otorhinolaryngological unit. There is also an infectious disease unit with 35 beds. For severe patients the hospital has 18 intensive care beds.

Currently there are 345 COVID-19 patients occupying these beds, 20 - in the anesthesiology and resuscitation unit, seven of them are on artificial ventilation, and three more are on non-invasive ventilation. There are 26 lung ventilators in total. Oxygen support is provided to 149 patients.

The head of state asked about the problems the hospital is facing now, whether the hospital has enough staff and equipment, whether there are any problems with the provision of routine medical care and whether the patients with COVID-19 are fully provided with the necessary treatment, especially oxygen.

According to the chief doctor, there are no serious issues regarding the operation of the institution. The only thing that needs support is the installation of oxygen equipment in the reconstructed surgical unit. The governor assured that the necessary funds would be allocated.

“We cannot economize on healthcare. This network needs to be installed,” the president stressed.

Plans are in place to build a new building on the territory of the hospital. The new building will unite the small buildings and become a backbone clinic. In this regard, the head of state pointed out that the issue of building new medical facilities is currently being studied. “We have to decide where we must build medical facilities. That is why it is desirable that next year you put these calculations on my desk. I think this project should be implemented,” he said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko also got familiar with medical care provided for patients with COVID-19 at the repurposed departments.

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