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02 June 2024, 10:56

Lukashenko admires exhibits in Chinggis Khaan National Museum in Ulaanbaatar

ULAANBAATAR, 2 June (BelTA) – Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko visited the Chinggis Khaan National Museum in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on 2 June, BelTA has learned.

Mongolian Culture Minister Nomin Chinbat, Minister of Foreign Affairs Batmunkh Battsetseg, and the museum’s Director General Sampildondov Chuluun welcomed the Belarus president at the museum.

The head of state examined an exposition dedicated to Chinggis Khaan’s rule. A silver tree made by Italian artists and symbolizing the historical connection between Mongolia and Europe was also demonstrated to him.

Apart from that, the president examined the expositions dedicated to the development of the Mongolian Empire and to Chinggis Khaan’s descendants of the last few centuries.

Aleksandr Lukashenko left a note in the book of distinguished guests. “The museum’s exposition dedicated to many centuries of Mongolia’s history earns admiration. Deep respect is earned by the awe, love, and inspiration the Mongolian nation demonstrates in the course of preserving the historical and cultural legacy of its Motherland,” the head of state remarked.

The Chinggis Khaan National Museum is located next to the Government Palace. The museum was opened in 2022. It is a modern nine-story building with the total area of 22,500m2. Including 10,200m2 of exhibition area.

The exposition features over 10,000 original exhibits, including works of pictorial art, manuscripts, sculpture, sewing and embroidery reflecting the main milestones of Mongolian history from the founder of the Hunnic Empire (the first nomadic state) to the early 20th century.

The museum has a number of halls dedicated to specific areas of interest: “Ancient states”, “Great Mongolia”, “The Mongolian Empire”, “Kings and subjects of Genghis Khan”, “The world and Mongols”.

The museum houses an exhibition and restoration laboratory, two study halls, a library, a mini movie theater, the Silver Tree hall, a souvenir shop, and coffee shops.
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