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30 September 2016, 16:21

Lukashenko views Soviet Union collapse as disaster

BEIJING, 30 September (BelTA) – Talking to students of Beijing University on 30 September Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko stressed that he views the break-up of the Soviet Union as a catastrophe, BelTA has learned.

“I view the collapse of the Soviet Union as a disaster that entailed and still brings about negative consequences around the world. We got nothing good from this break-up,” said the President.

He stated that the Soviet Union had not always enjoyed good relations with China: “There were even military clashes at the border. However, if we take a look into the history, we will see that the Soviet and Chinese people had more positive moments in their relations.” Alexander Lukashenko cited the common victory over the Nazis and Japanese militarism as one of the bright examples of this collaboration.

As for the Soviet Union, the Belarusian leader believes that this powerful state was the main deterrent and power that secured stability in the world. Alexander Lukashenko is confident that in the Soviet Union times many conflicts would have been impossible, including those related to Middle East or Africa.

“It provided balance on our planet. The Soviet Union ceased to exist and, as you see, the world started shattering. I do not condemn Americans here, but the fact remains. There is only one support today and the world is shattering on it,” the President said. He added that he views China and also, possibly, the unity in the post-Soviet space and the European Union that has been gradually developing its independent policy as real pillars that should be strengthened in order to develop a multipolar world.

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